Feeling a bit Fingernails? ;-D x - Tara Hammett

Feeling a bit Fingernails? ;-D x

Following the opening yesterday of

my 7 day TARAnsform & Detox Program I’m delighted

with how many of you have responded.


One of the emails I received (no names!) said this:


“I have tried every diet around and legal pill but can never shift a pound.

I am desperate and will try anything.

I put it all around my stomach & back”


Sound like you?


The problem lies in the sentence.


So before you read on, pause for a second

and if you feel that is like you, have a bit of a think and say

“What would Tara say?”


I’m sure many of you know the answer.


First….Don’t diet…

Bail out on Weight Watchers,

Meal replacement shakes & bars,

Intermittent this, south beach that..


Diets just scream temporary…who wants to feel awesome,

just for a teeny weeny time and then feel miserable again?


Learn to eat real food. Single ingredients and get creative.

Remember that client I mentioned who’s stopped weight watchers in favour for

my clean & creative meals instead… her words (after our session on Monday)

“OMG I can’t wait until breakfast…

Blueberry pancakes!! The boys are having them with me too!”


Great feeling huh!


Secondly, ‘Diet Pills’

People take these pills and potions in the

hope that they will magically burn an extra squillion

calories a day, by doing nothing else different.


It just won’t work. And how

long do you want to take these for?


Some people really will try

ANYTHING to lose weight…

Except for eat clean and proper exercise.


Last part….fat around the stomach & back.

This will very much have a lot to do with the

food choices and lifestyle with stress.


The more sugars & starches in your day…the more insulin comes

out to play and you’ll store fat.

Add that to stress so you have a load of cortisol in your

system too and you’ll be increasing the fat storage around your stomach.


So….I’m glad to announce that the lady that emailed

this to me has joined the detox week….so I’ll be sure to let

you know how she gets on.


This week is going to to be a real education for most

if not all of the team.

I’ll be educating the team on the importance

of a healthy liver, what foods to eat to help

remove nasty toxins.


Why toxins may be slowing down your metabolism

and making it harder for you to lose weight.


We’ll be getting the best alkalising start

to the day, prescribed walking and positive mindset

tasks and turning the team from

Super Sluggish to SUPERHERO’S

(Keep an eye on the sky next week-ha!)


Ok…I’m off the fly to work to

see some clients

(Yeah had another green smoothie this morning..



Keep fit & fab!

Tara xx


P.S If you want to join the 7 Day Detox week email me back and I’ll send you the info.


P.P.S did you see the pic I put on my social media yesterday about Fat & Fingernails??

OMG…I was creased…it’s so cute! x

fing p


  • April 2, 2014