Fathers Day Dilemma | Tara Hammett

Fathers Day Dilemma

Last night I caught up with the girls in the Inner Circle and 6 Week Body Plan

This one I thought was a really good one ready for the weekend:

So this weekend I have a works do Friday evening followed by fathers day meal out on Sunday!

I am looking forward to having a drink or two Friday but my biggest downfall is drunk eating!! 

I really really really want to have a dessert on fathers day because it's been so long since I had one!

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Any tips or advice on how to enjoy with minimal damage?


We must all enjoy ourselves.

Nobody wants to take action towards their goals and lose weight and STILL worry about having a good time.

We need to learn that life is about balance and we can have a healthy response to a few drinks or a dessert and not feel bad or guilty 

It's easy to balance things out - with a bit of thought and planning.

So, here's my top tips:

  • 1
    On your party days ALWAYS have a good workout (or at least stay as active as possible). This will help you burn of a load of calories (energy) so you can afford to indulge a little bit
  • 2
    Eat lighter during the day. Base your meals around protein and veggies. These will be lower calorie meals (with good nutrition and fibre) and you'll be able to have more calories for drink or dessert later on.
  • 3
    When you're out play with one devil. Carbs (Bread, pasta, chips), Dessert or alcohol.
    So if you decide you;re having a good drinky with your friends. Order wisely.
    I'm gonna mention some basics here but Salmon & Veg, Chicken & veg, a great big salad.
    (You won't feel so bloated then either)
  • 4
    Drink plenty of water when you're out and before bed (if you're drinking), so you can try and minimise the hangover and.......the binge eating! We all know the best way to survive a monster hangover.
    Lie down, paracetamol, drinks and takeaways/toast <<Not gonna help
  • 5
    Be consistent with this practice. The more you do it, the easier it will be (like anything) then one day, you'll never worry about going out and enjoying whilst staying happy, healthy & confident ever again!

We can still enjoy without going too crazy on the food and drink.

Yes, enjoy, but I guarantee you will ALWAYS feel better when you wake up the next morning knowing you enjoyed, but that you didn't go completely bonkers and you feel good getting out of bed

On that note, I'm taking Daddy Deaks and Danny away this weekend.

Re-living some of Richards childhood holiday memories

Have a wonderful weekend!

Tara Hammett