FAT BURNING BBQ - Tara Hammett


Life should be delicious and fun and not
about feeling restricted and boring.

Many may still be of the mindset
that you can’t have a BBQ and ‘stay on track’

Why not?

Learn to escape the mindset of
processed burgers and sausages in buns.

Yesterday was one of those,
chill, switch off and enjoy your family days.

Me & Justin spent is with both our
parents and brothers (minus my
sis as she’s on hols with her fam)

And the BBQ was at mine….


What’s TARA going to get???

We had such a lovely feast and everyone
couldn’t wait to try what I’d prepared..and here’s a few
samples of what I made for
my healthy BBQ and the questions
I had from everyone as they were
excited to try all

Q “OMG what’s on these wedges?
Did you make them yourself”

T: Yes I did. I chopped up a
load of sweet potatoes, covered them in
paprika, cayenne pepper & cinnamon.

Amazing item number 1.

Q “What’s this all over the salad Tar”

T Milled flaxseed, and drizzle a bit of that balsamic
& olive oil on.

Q “ooh is that what you’re supposed to do! MMMM”

Amazing item number 2

Q ” What are these dips Tar? They’re stunning!”

T: 0% Greek yoghurt with chilli in one and
natural peanut butter in the other

(Which also followed with….what do you call
these?…I had
a load of sugar snap peas along with
sliced peppers, cucumber,
celery, olives in one of
those round, spinning plates)

Amazing items number 3

Q “What did you put in these
salmon burgers Tar, they’re lush”

A (This recipe is in my ebook)
Salmon, ginger, spring
onion and egg.

Amazing item number 4
(These were defo the most popular-
they always are whenever I make them)

So after a while and
many questions – which I loved
answering, soon, even the wine
drinkers asked to drink
what I was drinking!

I had a huge bottle of water
and I’d put a pinch of himalayan
pink salt in….and that’s all
it was.

But they were on such a roll enjoying
trying all the new things that they
wanted more!

So I gathered that this may not
live up to expectation so I said

“Shall I make you one of
my special spritzers from my
detox program?”

Off I went, big jug of
iced water, big handful of frozen berries,
sliced up an orange and 2 lemons
and that was it…simple.

But it looked stunning and it was
kind of like a race to drink the
water so they could get to the
raspberries that sank to the bottom.

Amazing item number 5.

There were other items
in the BBQ too, many more
healthy ones and some
of your traditional options to keep everyone
happy – there were
14 adults there, but I
totally avoiding them.

I stuck to
my clean options (which in
everyone opinions were the nicest options

And then I sat around the
fire with everyone until late last
night drinking those awesome
gingerbread green teas.

Stunning, loved it AND
I’ve woken up feeling fresh
and not hungover!

Double fabness.

And the beauty of some of those samples
is they’re recipes straight from
my 7 day TARAnsformer Detox program.

Which kicks off a week today and you can

Registration is open
and the team is already building!

I’ve got some new recipes in there too.

Detox program link

That’s the link to click and join the team.

I hope those BBQ
ideas inspired you for your next
one and helps you understand
that you can still eat clean and
have fun in any situation.

Keep fit & fab!

Tara xxx

PS Tomorrow I’m going to

share with you the little lesson I taught

my parents this weekend in the supermarket and how you

can learn from it too.

  • May 20, 2014