Fall flat on your face and let yourself down - Tara Hammett

Fall flat on your face and let yourself down

Thank youuuuuuu
I’ve just been replying to everyone who emailed me about the T21 programme.
Many of you have done it, some more than once.
Some have done it and enjoyed it….but prefer Detox (yay for detox week)
And some have never tried
I’ve never done it as I haven’t got facebook, can I join in?
As I replied, yes you can. With the programme you get your own membership to the T21 site.
You’ll get all the fat burning 12min workouts, all the recipes for the best food to eat to de-bloat your stomach, and the videos on all the info you need to know (like what carbs to eat)
The only thing you’d miss is the support group (which is very awesome and a big part of your success), however I’ve had many in the past who set up a Facebook account, only add me as a friend, leave a profile picture off there and get all the support and inspiration.
How much is it?
Only £30 for you!
Yep, it was £55, but now you only have to invest £10 p/w into yourself.
Well worth it!
This comment I had I know so so many can relate to:
I’ve never done the T21, I click on your links never seem to go through the process.
Always think I may fall completely flat on my face and let myself down by not doing it properly. 
It is not uncommon to feel like this.
Doing something new takes risk.
Taking risk makes you feel uncomfortable, you think you could fail, you worry you may look stupid so everytime you revert to doing nothing…..so everything stays the same.
Feeling stupid is often the way we feel when doing something difficult. Stupid is an emotion we feel when we are learning, then when we know it….we’re not stupid anymore.
So we can all feel stupid, but another emotion that comes with feeling stupid is FEAR.
Change >>> Stupid >>>> Afraid.
So what do many of us do?
Avoid feeling afraid…..so we avoid change.
But the truth is….there’s nothing to be afraid of.
Yes….what if you fall
(lets face it…we’re not perfect)
but can we get back up, learn a lesson and carry on?
all our lives we have been learning things and had to get back up and carry on.
“The cost of doing something wrong is less than the cost of doing NOTHING.”
Do nothing and you’re making a decision to stay where you are,
continue to be unhappy but SAFE in your comfort zone.
When you think of anyone you admire for what they’re achieved and their success, they are no different than you. They are just willing to take chances and opportunities, whether they will work or not.
They care enough about what they want that they’re willing to fail, to take risks.
It may be far more reliable to stay where you are, but there is an alternative.
You can accept that not everything will be perfect, but it will always be better for things to be moving forward.
Move forward and learn as you go.
You may take a step back from time to time, but…The person who fails the most, wins!
Click the link and take your step to moving forward.
You first set of simple tasks will be set today to get prepped for T21
As Michael Jordan said: “I have failed over and over in my life, and that is why I succeed”
Ready to take the risk?
Tara xxx
P.S I’ll talk more about one of the girls who KNEW she was going to fall off the plan one day in the detox week….and how she felt about it, tomozza xxx
  • August 26, 2017