Evacuate that club IMMEDIATELY! - Tara Hammett

Evacuate that club IMMEDIATELY!

Last night I was chatting with Laura via Skype.


Laura had a few questions she wanted to ask about healthy eating so

We got stuck in to one of my online coaching calls.


The great thing about chatting on the coaching call is that

Even though we weren’t actually face to face you can still

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Absorb the inspiration and enthusiasm from chatting.


Laura lives 5 hours away and we ended up

Chatting about Laura coming to Swansea one weekend

In the not too distant future!


(I smell a retreat weekend there!

Tara and her ideas on steroids again – ha!)


I was totally wound up myself by the end!


It was 9pm when we finished and that is

Tara’s bed time!


Buy hey….there was a whole load of

Night time positivity flying around so

I totally don’t mind.





I thought I’d share some info with you from the call


Laura is a vegetarian

and felt a bit confused about the

best sources of protein.


“Are beans and pulses a good source of protein?”


Here are a few points we covered:


  1. Beans and pulses are a source of protein, however they are much

higher in carbohydrates so look at them as starchy carbs. We all tolerate carbs differently so monitor how you respond re your fat loss goals.


  1. They’re a great source of fibre


  1. If you want optimum fat burning, use them cleverly and have a small amount post workout. Laura is however, trying to put on weight with me so I recommend that she has them as part of her balanced diet.


  1. If you’re a vegetarian you can use things like cottage cheese, greek yoghurt, eggs, cheese, protein powders (whey, pea, hemp etc).


What I love about Laura is she’s

Keeping in touch with me, asking

Questions and making herself accountable

For the change she wants to see.


She’s taking action!


Are you??


Take this email as an example.


Maybe you’re sitting there reading away thinking…


Oooh – I never knew that??

I should try one of those coaching sessions….


But what will you do about it?


Will you just close this email and stay a firm

Member of the ‘I’ll do that tomorrow’ club


Or will you make yourself accountable

and take action TODAY?


One of my coaching sessions could

Be just the kick up the backside you need

To make change, feel motivated, get inspired.


Stop saying / thinking


“ I really want to but…”


And take one step.


Maybe that one step is to hit the reply

Button on this email and

Book yourself onto a coaching call with me.


It could be the most inspirational call you make

And the real beginning of the YOU that you want

To be.


Keep fit & fab




Oh BTW…If you do want to book a

Coaching call….hit reply and take action NOW!!


P.S BTW……. When you’re dreaming tonight, dream about what life would be

Like eating a chocolate melt in the middle lava cake without feeling guilty…..

Tomorrow dreams may come true!!! ;-p


Tara Hammett