Ep40 - How to Follow Your Career Dreams and Achieve Your Goals as a Busy Mum | Tara Hammett

Ep40 – How to Follow Your Career Dreams and Achieve Your Goals as a Busy Mum

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In this episode of The Life Transformer Show, Tara is joined by the wonderful Vicki, aka The Honest Mum to discuss the importance of looking after yourself when looking after a family, how to focus on your career when you live a busy and hectic life, and how to make your goals a priority, even when you don’t have time.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • What inspired Vicki to create a guide on how to balance a career with motherhood
  • The importance of looking after yourself as a busy mum
  • What it means to be a mum and how you can still have a progressive career
  • How to overcome mental stress after giving birth
  • How you can start investing in time for yourself as a mum to achieve your dreams and goals
  • The truth about becoming a mother and how you can overcome mental stress
  • What it means to build a tribe and how it can boost happiness
  • How to follow your career dreams while living a busy and hectic life as a mum
  • The simple steps to build an online presence and start a business from your home

How To Connect With Vicki:


Mumboss: The Honest Mum’s Guide to Surviving and Thriving at Work and at Home


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