Ep31 - Unhappy and Depressed to Confident and Happy. Gemma’s Journey - Tara Hammett

Ep31 – Unhappy and Depressed to Confident and Happy. Gemma’s Journey

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In this episode of The Life Transformer Show, Tara is joined by Gemma, one of her Life Transformers who reveals how she lost weight, built her confidence and finally got the body she deserved. Gemma also reveals her BIG weight loss secret and how it helped her achieve her goals.

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • Gemma’s struggles and how she overcame them to live a happier lifestyle¬†
  • How Gemma quickly lost weight to fit into her dream wedding dress
  • Why Gemma’s lack of confidence was affecting her ability to play with her daughter, and how the ‘Life Transformer‘ relieved her of these problems¬†
  • How to keep the weight off once you achieve your fitness goals
  • The effects of childbirth on your body confidence, and how to stop it from affecting your life
  • Weddings and why body confidence is important for our ‘big day’
  • How to start your weight loss journey today
  • Gemma’s BIG weight loss secret
  • How to lose weight without cutting out chocolate or alcohol
  • Why strict dieting could be the reason you haven’t reached your health & fitness goals
  • The simple steps you can take today to move closer to your dream body
  • Gemma’s lifestyle tips used to transform her body and keep the weight off
  • Gemma’s workout & nutrition plans and how they helped her reach her fitness goals
  • How you can achieve your weight loss goals without a gym
  • What it means to be a ‘Life Transformer’ and the support and friendships that come with it


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  • April 30, 2020