Ep22 - How to Stay Healthy & Positive as a Busy Mum | Tara Hammett

Ep22 – How to Stay Healthy & Positive as a Busy Mum

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In this episode of The Life Transformer Show, Tara and Lyndel (the wonderful mama behind the ‘5 Idiots and Dave’ Instagram account) discuss fear, insecurities and how to stay positive as a busy mum wanting to improve her life. 


What You Will Learn In This Episode:

  • Is there really such a thing as a perfect mama?
  • How we can deal with the many insecurities that come with being a mum
  • Preventing ourselves from feeling down and dealing with negativity on social media
  • How Instagram can help increase confidence and reduce insecurities
  • The simple ways to stay healthy and positive with a hectic and busy lifestyle
  • How to overcome the fears of trying something new and improve your life


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