Ep01 - Goal Setting and Motivation For Busy Women | Tara Hammett

Ep01 – Goal Setting and Motivation For Busy Women

Goal Setting and Motivation For Busy Women

Reaching our heath and fitness goals is a never-ending challenge for many of us. Too many things take up our time and getting some time for yourself takes a backseat.

In this episode Tara is here to talk you out of what’s bogging you down and stopping you from achieving your heath and fitness goals.

Tara Hammett is a heath and fitness coach for busy moms. She created the Life Transformer 12 week body plan, which has helped thousands of busy women get motivated and get in control of how they look and how they feel. 

What You Will Learn In This Episode:

03:36 – About people approaching her on how to get  results

04:33 – Reasons why you want to change and how to go about it

06:22 – Why is it hard to do things on your own

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06:54 – How to fully serve and make life better for your family and friends and bring that happiness to yourself and to them

07:55 – Who should you spend your time with

08:21 – How professionals provide for quicker and optimal solutions 

09:34 – Make a SMART plan that you can easily stick to.

13:46 – How to give yourself a time frame and be realistic with your goals

15:09 – Her thoughts on celebrity-endorsed diets

16:38 – Getting it all out of your insecurities

17:24 – What drives you  to get out of bed for yourself and how to get support when you need it

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