Eat like I'm POSSESSED! - Tara Hammett

Eat like I’m POSSESSED!

Following yesterday’s email
amongst the responses I received,
I got this one….
” I really feel I have to reply to this email
as it’s INSANE after all the emotions
I’ve been going through lately
and it’s only ME that’s to blame! 
It all started from when I lost
4 stone doing lighter life.
I felt so amazing but after losing this weight,
I began going to the gym all the time lifting weights,
as my mission was and still would
LOVE to compete in a body fitness competition.
I started to firm up but the one thing
that threw me was when I was trying a
dress on in river island and it was a style that
showed my back off and I turned round
for my mother to see what it looked like
and her comment was
‘God Emily you’re starting to look manly’!
From then on everything went out the window!
Pathetic it may sound…..
I stopped the gym and started eating again!
The 4 stone has now gone back on
which is to me disgusting!!
So I decided I needed to do something as
I’m having continual back pain in bed &
I know it’s my weight!
So that’s why I decided to contact you
and get some exercise started,
2 days a week to me is great to start with
and it’s early enough to stick to most weeks any how!
So I started the exercise regime,
even kicked started it by doing the detox,
lost 8 pounds AM-MAZ-ING!
I have then bought your e-books so I have all the knowledge!
I’m amazing when I’m at work.
I prepare night before breakfast is fine,
lunch, snacks……….
as soon as I come through the house door after work
I become a possessed person
It’s as if I haven’t eaten for months
and then I just eat what ever I can lay my hands on!!
I even talk to myself telling myself
‘for god sake Emily you don’t need this’
but I ignore myself and and I just eat!!!!!!!  
Enough is enough
I need to stop,
I need to take a reality check
and get a grip on life as its me that’s ruining it,
it’s  lovely to read your email.
You are so positive and I understand,
like you said,
everything hasn’t been rosy for you,
you have to work hard at it.
I just need to adjust what I do when I get home.
I now also need to up my exercise.
I so hope you didn’t mind me emailing you,
I just needed I think to confess my sins!
Thanks Tara XX “
I know so many do the same
Emily will be on a hot seat with me
this week and She’ll be getting extra
Tara Time to TURBO CHARGE her
motivation and will power.
I’ll be sharing some tips and amongst them
I’m going to be looking at how much she’s eating at work.
Chances are, I’m going to be making
I want to know exactly whats in her cupboards.
There may be  few things launched in
the bin or TARAnsformed
into snacks for between work & dinner.
I’m going to add my DVD into the mix
as she’s already training twice and
we need to get some FAST body toning at home
PLUS some walking.
I’m going to get hydration monitored
with her and make sure she’s drinking enough.
And bedtime….I’ll be encouraging her
to work with her hormones and
ensure she’s doing the right thing
for MAXIMUM fat burning.
Does this email resonate with you?
I encourage you to adopt my tips too.
Exercise LESS…(only 12 minutes)
Do you have an urge to email me
your challenges in reaching your goals?
Reply like Emily did!

Keep fit & fab

Tara xx

P.S Are you following my fitness page on Facebook…I”m going to be doing

regular LIVE videos and I’m hoping to do them at 8pm each Monday. Tune in and ask me questions

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  • October 5, 2015