Eat Egg Shells for Breakfast – like me! - Tara Hammett

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Eat Egg Shells for Breakfast – like me!

Egg minus shell

Actually don’t!


I tried it out for you, and I wouldn’t recommend it!!


So when I was on holiday,

I started with an awesome breakfast for the first 3 mornings of

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yoghurt, cold cuts of meat, eggs and nuts.

But as the days were going on and I was using up a whole load of energy I needed more


So the next morning I had some porridge and the

morning after that I caved to

my mothers suggestive comment about a fresh batch of bread that came out.


Hmmm….I don’t have it often and I tolerate it well when I eat it so I decided I’ll have some with a boiled egg.


MMM all nice & warm and dippy.


So I chopped off the head of humpty dumpty, put my bread on my plate, popped a bit of egg on it and in it went.


Bit crunchy for fresh bread – I thought!


Kinda don’t like it as much as I used to…. And then I realised!


“I’m having a disaster in my mouth” I told everyone.

So everyone kinda looked at each other a bit confused.

“Ummm….can anybody see the top of my egg?”

And then everyone laughed




It was worse than those ‘Sand in your sandwich’ moments on the beach.


Well…I had to eat it all then.


Yes – I am a total clumse pot, but it could have happened to anyone.


So what’s the moral of my story??


Don’t eat bread?


Generally I do recommend that people avoid it for

clean eating and maximum fat burning,

especially if you have gluten intolerance and feel uncomfortable after eating it.


I should have stuck to clean sources of carbohydrates.

There were oats there and that would have been better for me

a) as its cleaner

(but again if you have a gluten intolerance – pick up the gluten free ones that aren’t packaged in a factory where they may be handling gluten) and

b) I would have sussed the egg shell as it’s much harder playing hide & seek in a bowl of porridge.


You can get loads of quick, easy, egg shell-free breakfasts in my clean eating eBook – right here.


Many struggle with breakfast ideas and can’t think beyond cereal & toast, so focus this week on one meal to change – Breakfast.


Try lots of new things.


This morning I had scrambled eggs with a big handful of leaves and my coffee with MCT.


Breakfast it a meal like any other for optimum nutrition so try and balance it with protein, fats and veggies/ low sugar fruit.


You can try any of my green smoothies for on –the-go, or a chocolate protein chis seed pudding! Yummo!


There’s loads you could try.

What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Email me and let me know!!

Keep fit & fab!


P.S Probably the real moral of the story it “Don’t be as silly as Tara and remember where you put your egg shell!’

Tara Hammett