Do you wear your gym kit out? - Tara Hammett

Do you wear your gym kit out?

Is it acceptable?

Well…OBVO, I think you can do it.

All the high street stores are doing their own

versions now.

They’re funky,

comfy and

more importantly…….kinda make you

want to have a workout, or move more.

After we recorded the show I got my

mermaid legs in gear and had a power walk.

Some fresh air,

listen to my audio book for a bit of mindset training

and get my circulation and fat burning going.

Loved it.

It was a bit drizzly, but it felt lovely. We DO NOT RUST 😉


In todays podcast, we were asked two great questions:

#1 – When is THE BEST time to do the HIIT workouts?

#2 – How do you stay motivated to have a workout when

you feel so tired after work?

I talk about it HERE in this weeks podcast

Have a listen, get inspired.

Got any questions you’d LOVE me to answer?

(Or ANYTHING you’d love us to mention on the show?)

Keep fit & fab

Tara xx
P.S I’m off on holiday for a week on Friday…so I’m setting
up a video series of inspiration so you don’t miss your daily dose of
Let me know what you’d love me to cover.
I need your feedback and support so I KNOW I’m
doing the right thing for you xxx
  • May 10, 2016