Do you get 'Fat & Ugly' days? - Tara Hammett

Do you get ‘Fat & Ugly’ days?



So in response to my email yesterday

I had this question….


“If I’m having a fat, ugly day can I eat as much clean choccie

as I want without feeling guilty?”

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WE all get days when we feel

A bit MEH


And I think we all know what my

Real answer would be to this question….




Whilst my delicious eBook

(Which you can GRAB here straight away)

is full of gorgeous treats

to help keep you on

the clean machine, as with anything

you still need balance.


Take the Rocky Road bar for example…


That’s got protein, carbs, fats in there

For the most chewy, crunchy, muchy, choccy

Snack / treat / post workout nommo

Which will fit in nicely with a clean, balanced diet.


But just because it’s clean, with natural ingredients it doesn’t mean you

Can eat 3 or 4 bars!


You can still overeat clean food too.


If your meals are made with real protein,

loads of veggies and healthy fats

You’ll find if quite hard to overeat

A meal without feeling like a piggy.


Also, you don’t want to keep having an emotional

Relationship with food that you turn to

It for comfort.



See life can be a bit like a rocky road…


Sometimes you feel totally amazeballs and others

You feel super down in the dumps and

it can be triggered by anything.


I replied to an inbox this morning from

A gorgeous girly who was feeling down about

Her weight even though she’s been trying hard with

Her nutrition plan and exercising….


So we’re going to do a Skype Coaching Call for a bit of inspiration.


But what can you do to start to feel better….

Right now!



Have you tried repeating a daily affirmation in your day?


I have an app on my phone which gives me one daily that I look at

First thing every morning and today’s was so

True for me


“I help people achieve their goals”


Even typing that then made me feel fab!


What about you..


Think of what you’re grateful for, what you appreciate

All the fab family & friends around you.


When you’re feeling ‘Fat & Ugly’

Shake that feeling off pronto and tell yourself

How fantastic you are.


I bet you do loads for so many people throughout the day

And I bet they are grateful for everything that you do.


You are in complete control of your thoughts so

Put a smile on your

Face straight away and notice how much better you feel.


Smiles are also totally infectious, se how

Many people you can make smile today!


Keep fit, fab and smiling!



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Tara Hammett