Do you feel like a victim? - Tara Hammett

Do you feel like a victim?

I was leaving a class on

Saturday and one of the ladies

stopped to ask about my holiday and

to let me know she’d just been

on a wonderful holiday on her own.

Sue had always wanted to go to

Italy but had alway compromised

to keep others happy.

This time she decided she

was going to do what she wanted to do.

So she booked and went on her own.

On her way there

she thought she may have HATED

travelling on her own so much that

she may have been on the

next flight home.

But the reality was quite the opposite.

She LOVED it!

Whilst she felt nervous and

a bit of a loner

It soon become one of the

best experiences she’d had.

She did everything


She went eveywhere


She ate at every restaurant that


and the experience

has helped her put a big tick

against visiting and wonderful

country she’d always wanted

to see and do what SHE WANTED.

Sue decided to take responsibility


Instead of saying.

My partner makes me

SO UNHAPPY because he won’t

do things I want to do,

she decided to move from

PAIN to POWER by taking responsibility

of her experience of life.

It takes a lot of guts to

do that, overcoming the anxious feeling

of being vulnerable

BUT now she’s done it, she knows she

CAN do it again.

Have you taken responsibility for

your life experience?

Are you constantly complaining

that your clothes don’t fit properly,

that you feel EXHAUSTED all the time,

that you feel bloated and disgusting

from your food choices,

that you’re embarrassed about your body

that you have NO willpower or

motivation to do anything for yourself.

The reality is you are consciously,

or unconsciously

choosing to have these feelings

You are the cause of your reactions

to everything in your life.

How you react to this email

will be a prime example….

especially if you do complain and feel happy

about your body, health and mindset yet choose to

do NOTHING about it.

You may be reading this now and

NEVER done any of my programmes

or tried my DVD or eBook.

When you do nothing to make

change what do you expect?

You may have done my progammes

before and gone straight back to old habits

and feel as miserable as before you started

as you didn’t keep on progressing and growing.


You may be doing well in my programmes

with the eating and exercising MOST

of the time, but CAVE at the weekend

and go around in a viscous circle.

My message is, you are in control

of your experiences,

how you react to them and

your happiness with your life.

Today you can do many things to change it,

Just switch from the victim mindset and

put yourself in POWER.

In my DVD

^^Which you can buy here NOW^^

I have a little Tara Talk section

where I can help you everytime you

put your DVD on, to help you

train your thoughts towards

feeling more positive and

believing in yourself.

Take action today for your happiness.

Drop the victim mindset,

put yourself in power

and start to LOVE your life experiences.

Keep fit & fab

Tara xx

P.S I’m doing that today…I jumped on a plane

last night to meet some wonderful people

and help me control my happiness,

and progress towards my goals. I’ll tell you more tomozza.

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  • September 28, 2015