Do NOT Wait - Tara Hammett

Do NOT Wait


The time will NEVER be just right

So just do it!

What ARE you waiting for??

I heard a brilliant saying the other day.

It was about being on a diving board.

The longer you stand there,

the harder it is to jump.

Time feeds the fear.

Fear can keep you frozen on the spot.

Always in the same place.

Too scared to do something to

get what you want.

But what are you waiting for?

To get the ideal body
To get the ideal health
To get the ideal relationships
To get the ideal lifestyle

Who’s it down to?

The life you desire
The life you dream of
The life you love


Take action NOW

Don’t let fear hold you back.

I had one of those moments on Wednesday.

Was I scared?

a bit, yes

What did I do??

I went for it!

And now….

No looking back

I’m excited

I can’t wait

I know my future has more happiness,

excitement, adventure and abundance because

I’m just gonna do it.

And that’s my lesson to you.

If you REALLY want to change

if you REALLY want that switch to flick

Now it’s your time.

Don’t hang around…it will NEVER be just the right time.

Join me and the team TODAY.

The group is open and we’re getting ready for kick off



Keep fit & fab

Tara xx
P.S That piccy was taken from my shoot with Adidas. I LOVED IT…I wouldn’t have
done it if I didn’t take action and think…what have I got to lose??
There’s actually a lot you could my detox programme!
  • February 27, 2016