Do NOT do this to lose weight - Tara Hammett

Do NOT do this to lose weight

I love girly chats

Yesterday I met up with a load of my girlfriends for coffee (and green tea) and a good catch up.

Talking about everything.

How Christmas went, what we doing for New Year,

where shall we go for a Hen weekend and as I usually

get wherever I go

what’s the best thing to do to lose weight?

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Well apart from join my program which is open NOW and you can join

in by clicking on the link here,

I actually went on to tell them what NOT to do!


The thing is, what are we going to do for the rest of our lives?

We’ll need to eat.

So the best thing is to learn how to do it properly.


There’s a million and one posts and tweets about

shakes, drinks, pills, do this, buy that and the girls wanted to know

what I thought.

A few years ago I got involved with a network marketing, meal replacement company. After further reading, attending nutrition courses, doing more qualifications and gaining more experience

I couldn’t recommend it anymore.


I sacked myself.


I had some good results with people – granted.

But I also had the confidence that those people

had me to give them the

correct advice to nutrition around

the products.


So many people are involved in this type of business.

I totally understand they need to

earn extra money – that’s what we work for, but

I worry that the wrong and

damaging advice will be given to people.


And another thing, I earned lots of money from it.

I sacked myself from very well paying job,

but I couldn’t do it anymore.


Apart from the fact that I wanted to

educate people like you on

how to eat real food and focus on health,

I wondered.

If I’m earning so much money, and the sponsors above me –

what is the quality of these products?

So my advice firstly on what to definitely do is – EAT REAL FOOD.


Here’s some what NOT’s:

Do NOT spend endless hours in the gym doing long slow boring cardio.

Chances are you’ll struggle to squeeze it into your already busy lifestyle and won’t stick to it. A 12-minute, complete body transforming workout like the ones in my program are awesome as they’re over and done with before you know it and actually work!

Do NOT go hungry

You may have done it before skip breakfast or have something tiny like a sugary cereal bar (you may not actually know that the bar was sugary but I bet it was). Tiny lunch of tuna and lettuce leaves, or maybe even just a coffee (well you’re band on the health wagon now!!) then get home and have a continuous binge. Willpower has been seriously damaged and whilst you prep your dinner, you’re grabbing whatever you can in the meantime.

Oops – start again tomorrow.

Better still – we all love food right??

Lets eat it!

Eat real food, real ingredients at every meal time that will help your body burn fat – like all the meals in my weight loss program.

Do NOT constantly weigh yourself

Grab the tape measure or your tightest jeans as a marker. I am actually 5lbs heavier than I was last year, but my inches are actually smaller. Nobody is going to randomly come along and pick you up every day, but people will see what you look like. So focus more on the inch loss. Yes, you’ll get weight loss of course but you want to be losing the right weight i.e fat, not muscle.

Do NOT just think about it – take action!

It’s one step at a time. Set yourself one task a week. If it’s to just start the day with a healthy breakfast. Complete that week and add another task on, soon you’ll have a whole load of healthy habits that will soon become your healthy lifestyle.

Do NOT do it alone

You’ve got a friend or someone in your family that wants to lose weight too probably. Chat with them TODAY. Tell them what you want to achieve, that you need support and do they fancy doing it with you. That way, not only will you motivate each other but you won’t want to let the other down. For example if you arrange to meet up or invite the other around for a healthy dinner.

When you join the program you will experience weight loss, health, eat real food, stary motivated, feel awesome and LOVE LIFE!!!!

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Keep fit & fab


p.s another thing I said: do you want to pay £100 for 2 shakes a day, feeling miserable, hungry, failing, putting it all back on and having half empty containers sitting in your cupboards or £55 for 21 whole days with me holding your hand and doing it the right way?

You know what I’d tell you TO DO! Join here x

Tara Hammett