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Discover how people from Spain LOSE WEIGHT FAST



Yep – the first person to

take action and join my inner circle

yesterday was from Spain!


The UK TARAnsformers hopped on

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board in addition to

Australia too.



^^ Status Quo Style^^


Ha – bet that songs gonnna be

stuck in your head for a bit now!


So we’ve been introducing ourselves

and it’s been interesting reading what

people have done in the past

and inevitably failed.


See when it comes to changing your

lifestyle the more you try

and go it alone, there’s the BIG RISK

of not doing

what you should.


Plus it’s hard pushing yourself

to do new things and change old habits

You’re going to face​ hurdles.


We all face them and there is no getting

around them, you have to jump them.

There will be difficult things and

you need to work these out.


Many people fail when

they want to work towards

their healthy body goals because they don’t plan well,

load themselves with the right tools

or they just ignore or fight them.


This will then SERIOUSLY jeopardise your chances of success

For example if you

want that toned body you

will have to do some exercise,

But you don’t want to be doing

hours and hours of the WRONG TYPE

for a toned body.


You should be doing the

exercises that get you

to where you want FASTER.

(You may not even

want to leave the house!)


you don’t want to be restricting yourself

eating boring salads

all the time and then


later in the day because you got so hungry.


You want to have loads of recipes

to choose from that are not only


(AGAIN) will get you there faster,

whilst you’ll be feeling full.


Sometimes you’ll STUMBLE when you

try to over come these hurdles…

You’ll need someone there to pick you up.

Not working out a plan

to overcome these hurdles before you start

is a virtual guarantee for failure.

So you’re gonna need a few tools to get

to the body of your dreams.


And I’ve got a HUGE TOOL BOX

with everything in that you need.



One place for the lot…


Like those who joined me yesterday,

you’ve got hurdles that you need to

jump if you want to keep going forward.


No more feeling like a failure,

It’s all here for you.


My big tool box, full

of hurdle jumpers!


Here’s the link again

Keep fit & fab

Tara xx

P.S Whenever I use TIC it stands for Taras Inner Circle….Like my workouts, I don’t want to waste time doing things I don’t need to – So I’m gonna shorten it from time to time. Just so you know 😉

Here’s the link again to TIC << First proper usage xx

Tara Hammett