Dear haters - Tara Hammett

Dear haters

Get up and do something for yourself!!
Do you experience it much?
People trying to drag you down when you
try to better yourself?
Questioning why you’re doing the exercise you do.
Commenting on the food you choose to eat
Name calling when you’re doing
something that makes you happy whilst
they watch you and do nothing for themselves.
Well…..before I go into my story,
I’ll let you know how it started.
Last night I had a call
that someone wanted a massage
with me.
I don’t do massage on a
Sunday evening generally
It’s not very often
Sony Bill Williams is in
town and has asked for you.
Magically I was available.
That’s why I called the
Live Class Workout ‘The Sonny’ this morning.
What a dreamboat!
So…..I didn’t resist much in
doing it for the team!
Last night I messaged
one of my friends who is also in
the same industry as me to let her
know what I’d just been up to.
She called me
Soon, she was pouring her heart out to me.
She’d been feeling so down for
the last 10 days all because of some
negative comments that had been said to her
regarding her business and how she’s
promoting it.
Firstly, I reminded her that
what she has been doing is not
only BRILLIANT but more importantly
it makes her HAPPY.
She’s doing ti for herself.
She’s taking action to take risks and grow.
Have you experienced this too?
I know so many have.
What you may experience
as you go on your journey to improve your lifestyle
is resistance from some people in your life.
They may tell you you’ve changed.
Very often, they may not even
know they’re doing it, however
it’s their way of defending their security.
Watching you changed and do something
different may actually make them
feel uncomfortable.
Or the WISH they had the same
drive as you to do something for themselves.
They watch you
They analyse you
They question you and tell you
‘it’s for your own good’
You don’t NEED to lose weight
they may say
You shouldn’t restrict yourself with your food
they may.
The main thing is, you’re doing if
for YOU and you need to be aware of what’s going on.
This will help you handle the put-downs
easier and turn the thought of feeling down in your mind to
one that makes you realise…’s because you are doing GREAT
in trying to better yourself.
So the next time you experience someone referring
to your hard work with exercise, changing your
eating habits, your mindset and lifestyle.
Thank them for their concern.
Tell them how much you’re LOVING
the feeling of changing your lifestyle and
remind yourself that you’re an inspiration
to others that are too scared to take the
risk to grow and feel better.
Surround yourself with more people
who WILL be there to support you
and remind you you’re doing GREAT.
That’s exactly what we do in the INNER CIRCLE.
We help each other,
lift each other and
every single one of us is prepared to
take risks and do something new to
get something different and help
us towards happiness and confidence.
If you want more of that and how you
CAN feel amazing – CLICK HERE
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Keep fit & fab

Tara xx

P.S I’ll be LIVE on Facebook at 8pm this evening if you

want to watch the video and ask me questions live……

unless the All Blacks team need me again of course 😉


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  • October 12, 2015