[Day 1 Gift]: On the 1st Day of Christmas - Tara Hammett

[Day 1 Gift]: On the 1st Day of Christmas

*** This Is Really Important***
When you read the next sentence you’ve got to do it in the tune of the 12 days of Christmas…..and you must do it for the next 12 days when you open my gifts for you.
“On the First Day of Christmas Tara sent to me, 
A workout from her DVD”
Click on the link below and you can download the full 12min of one of my Fast Fat Burning workouts from my DVD
^^ Click there NOW ^^
You’ve got two options from me today.
You can either do this workout to help you stay toned and fabulous
Do the LIVE 12minute Workout that I did at 6:30am on Facebook.
I’m ramping it up a notch this week.
* It’s the final week of the Party Body Plan
* I’m going to be announcing the WINNERS of the plan
* We’ll be sharing successes
* I’ll be revealing more about how I can help you set your goals for 2018….and actually achieve them!
Need some help? Email me.
Hope you enjoy your Monday Motivation from me.
Look out for tomorrows gifts in my 12 Days of Christmas
Tara xxxx
P.S Want the rest of the workouts from my DVD’s
  • December 11, 2017