Cram in the coffee - QUICK! - Tara Hammett

Cram in the coffee – QUICK!

That’s a little bit what I’ve been thinking this morning.

I’ve got into a bit of a habit of putting the kettle on

and making another cuppa. 

Even 8pm at night

Like having a baby isn’t enough to disturb my sleep.

So next week – It’s out and the water & herbal teas are in. Getting hydrated and stopping my caffeine highs & lows.

So today I’m going to print off more of my ticksheets and as

I’m confident I can make healthy food choices, my food box will be hydration.

at LEAST 2 litres of water per day.

That’s my declaration.

Since we did the last detox week Emily has lost 12lbs – AMAZE!

Emily started on detox, went to 21 and is ready for the next step of the journey.

What changes do you want to make?

What do you need to do to achieve that?


Last night I posted in the groups a photo of my dinner

(Ostrich << my fave meat) along with this comment:

” Now I’m chuffed I had those 3 biscuits yesterday

They stopped me having munchies in front of the TV tonight and I would have eaten a lot more than 3 biscuits


I wouldn’t have had this gorgeous meal ?

Always a silver lining and a positive.

Whenever you trip up, 
Learn from it and get back on it.

Many may have though ‘ah, I’ve screwed up today with those biscuits. May as well screw the whole weekend up’

No, it’s not ‘may aswell’

You can get straight back on it after the treat.

It takes discipline,
But all worth it and it gets easier”

Yay for the biscuits

and YAY for declaring and being accountable.

If you lack motivation, this will drive you!

Last week may have been a tough week.

Flipping pancakes, St Davids Day (Welsh cakes)

Then munching your way through goodies or easing your nerves with a drink

or two whilst being gripped by the boxing.

Flip your mindset switch and get back on it.

And as a reminder…..


* EASY exercise – only walking so you can start no matter what your fitness level.

* A HUGE catalogue of recipes which will make the detox SIMPLE for you. 

* A PRIVATE Support group so you can stay motivated for the whole week. 

* A mixture of meals, snacks, smoothies, salads, soups & stews so 

even the biggest FOODIE will feel full and have plenty of choice. 

* BRILLIANT videos to watch that will answer every question you may have

(and if the answer to your question is not there – I’ll make it for you) 

* My PROVEN lifestyle tips to help you SPEED UP fat loss. 

*The opportunity to stay extra MOTIVATED as you surround yourself by people on the same mission. 

* Learn how to eat BREAD, ICE-CREAM and the Newest recipe – SPRING ROLLS whilst eliminating toxins and beating the BLOATED BELLY.

And all of this… at your FINGERTIPS now – RIGHT HERE!

I’m off to the gym with my boys now 

Tara xxx

  • March 5, 2017