Could you do it? - Tara Hammett

Could you do it?

Give it all up?

What’s you thing you could NEVER give up.

Well….you say you could never give up.

I was chatting in the gym yesterday with a lady that had had a knee replacement
and she was worried about putting on weight. She lost 2 stone before the operation, but was now scared it would all pile on because she can’t do the exercise she
once could….yet.

She also said she’d given up chocolate and hadn’t eaten any for
almost 2 years….but she could NEVER give up cheese.

So we got chatting about how brilliant she’d already done with her changes.

I gave her some advice to encourage her to look after herself over the next few
weeks and not to push the exercise whilst she recovers.

We talked about nutrition and the best thing to do to keep her overall calories
down whilst she’s not exercising so much and that she’s proved that
she can do anything she puts her mind to.

Just like you .

If you want something so much – you can get it.

If something means so much to you…you WILL make sacrifices

If you really do care so much about achieving something,
but you had to give something up…you would do it.

What have YOU struggled with?

I know I could give up my beloved chocolate if
it meant that much to me to achieve something.

But right now…it’s part of my lifestyle because I’m happy.

However, if I had to, I know it would take discipline and hard work,
but it could be done and it would be worth it.

I’ve got a lot of hard work coming up myself,
for a few different projects.

It will take determination
Will power
I’ll need support


It will be worth it.

One of those challenges will be my next seminar in Swansea
that I’m doing for YOU to help you get inspired and motivated to
achieve what you want.

Will you be around and able to come?

There’s more about my FREE event here

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Have a little look and see if you fancy joining me.
Keep fit & fab
Tara x

P.S If you’ve applied for the coaching call with me, you’re on my to do list and

I’ll be in touch with you this weekend xxx

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