Could this be you? - Tara Hammett

Could this be you?

Hi Tara!
Could you give me some info
please on how you could help me?

I’m 36 and a mum of

two gorgeous girls who are 4 and 2.
I’m currently weighing 9st 12lb
which I know isn’t over-weight but I’m very
wobbly and unfit after having done no exercise
other than chase after my children and house work for the last 4 years.
I’m a part time teacher too,
so I’ve been active but not fit 🙁

I’ve seen lots of adverts of what you can offer

but I’m a bit unsure of where to start.
My lovely friend Gemma had
fantastic results with you and that is how I heard about you.

Thanking you in advance,
An unfit and wobbly ANON x

Could this be you? Or similar?
Right now almost ALL OF US are feeling
a bit more wobbly than normal.
Not nice
That can all change quickly.
Get your healthy food in,
create some gorgeous meals
from my recipes and get
a little bit of exercise in to
fit with your busy lifestyle and
tone up fast.
As I replied to ‘ANON’
I always find the BEST way to start is
with my detox week
(that started yesterday, but you can always get my DETOX BOOK)
You need to do what you already know….
dig in, be mindful and eat the right food.
You need to do a little exercise.
My 12 minute HIIT workouts from
PERFECT as ANYONE can find
12 mins in their day.
If you can’t find 12 minutes,
then you need to find a way of dropping
your B.S EXCUSES!!
Get the support.
I GUARANTEE if you try and do it on your own,
you have a VERY HIGH chance of NOT getting what you want!!
(I had a message yesterday from someone
that reached out to me in June 2013…asking for help again.
She didn’t take my advice before and fast forward to 2016..
she’s still in the same place)
So…how can YOU find out
the best place to start?
Try my 21 day Weight Loss
programme which kicks off on Monday 11th January!
Imagine how you can feel
in 3 weeks after working with me.
Or…try it on your own and
get back in touch in 2017 and let
me know how it went 😉
Keep fit & fab
Tara xx
p.s LIVE Classes will be kicking off again on Monday 11th January too!
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  • January 5, 2016