Could this be you ? - Tara Hammett

Could this be you ?


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Today is the day to get excited about
taking ACTION on your vision.

We’ve all got long-term goals, but let’s not
stress out too much about that before Christmas.

Let’s just focus on how
you want to look &
feel at Christmas this year.

Check out this message I received LAST YEAR.

As many repeat the same things over and over again and

expect different results, I thought I’d share the same message as I did this time last year,

In the hope that you may do something different and work towards getting different results.

Could this be YOU?

“I have been giving this a lot of thought
and I have come to the conclusion that it is a
vicious cycle of lethargy and self loathing that is extremely hard to break!

I am hoping that pinpointing this and putting it in print
will help me chip away at it.

It’s about priorities –
and quite frankly I am not high on my list of priorities!

I measure myself on the success of my kids,
the tidiness of my house and my own career success,
I have yet to manage success in all three areas at once
let alone with a healthy diet and exercise
regime thrown in for good measure!

I KNOW how good I feel when I exercise,

I KNOW how it feels to feel good
when I’m going for a night out
so why doesn’t it feel good enough that
I will fight to always have these feelings?

It is about the world we live in and the world I work in,
I see so many people whose children are neglected
yet they always have money for drink and fags
and going out or even extensions and false nails!!

I am in the lucky position that my kids have a good life
and are certainly not neglected,
they are not spoilt either but by God
does this come at a cost,
not just monetary but time and commitment,
which means less of these things for me.

I know that my weight affects my family life,
I shy away from activities that I feel uncomfortable doing
because of my weight – THAT’S NOT ME!

I’m fun and love a challenge but it’s the fat me.

I shy away from activities I may get embarrassed in
e.g. Swimming (who wants to see me in my bathers?)
going to the fair (imagine not being able to do the safety harness up?) –
that’s not me that’s the fat me.

Yet still admitting this isn’t enough to make me
want to fight for the old me, the real me.

I was 9 stone and fit and fun when I got married,
that’s the girl my husband fell in love with.

We still laugh but I don’t laugh as hard and
now my husband loves me for being a good mother and wife
(how I would love him to look at me with lust and admiration like he used to)
but still this isn’t enough to make me want to fight for it.

I ache some days for the feeling of lightness and freedom
and fun that I have tasted before but still not enough to fight for it.

I will try to change but as soon as the going gets tough
and I miss a morning exercise session or
fall into the cake trap or miss weighing in slimming club,
I simply grasp hold of my other,
more successful things and let go of the dream of being slim again.

I read your words and they are so true and they hit a nerve
yet never hit it hard enough.

I look at you and your beautiful face and
your fantastic figure and I feel envy and admiration
but never enough to inspire me to try and replicate your diet or lifestyle.

I have friends who love my company,
I am the funny fat bird after all!

Friends who knew me slim and still think
I’m beautiful and tell me so,
and how smart I always look (it’s getting harder and harder)
and still it doesn’t make me want to fight, I just buy bigger clothes.

I know my health is suffering.

I get breathless doing normal activities

I get excruciating heartburn that I don’t get when I’m eating healthily.

Yet still…… Maybe it’s been so long since I’ve had these feelings
that I think I remember how they felt but it’s not deep enough,
it’s weakened over time.

I am battle weary.

I’m tired of fighting for survival in this pressure pot world we live in.

I work hard and play hard and that doesn’t leave a lot for anything else!

I’m not writing this because I want you to wave a magic wand,
I just think your beliefs and teaching are true
and will work but people have to be in a place where
they are receptive to them now.

How you get someone like me to that place is another challenge,
I am intelligent and well educated and
can tell anyone what they need to do for a fit and healthy life.

I live to learn and I learn new things every day,
I learn things from your emails,
they make me think about things but how do I internalise this knowledge???

I am like the pupil that can regurgitate the answer
the teacher wants but doesn’t understand it!

In the words of Alanis Morrisette – isn’t it ironic?

(I am a teacher and a bloody good one at that!!)

Thanks for listening and reading and caring enough
to ask me why I don’t take action, the answer is I don’t care enough about me.

I don’t have the passion about me that I have about
my expectations for my children, even though
the best thing I could be is a good role model,
it’s that old case of do as I say not as I do.


(Lets call her Mrs X)

I KNOW so so many will read that and
think…..that’s me!

That’s EXACTLY me!!

There is so much within this I
actually feel so overwhelmed responding.

I know I’m going to refer to this time and time again
to help YOU get there.

To make the change.

It’s all about your VISION.

Holding that vision PASSIONATELY.

Making yourself a priority and
working on the change is NOT complicated,
however….it is NOT easy either.

Like Mrs X said….she KNOWS the answer and
could educate other on it…but its execution that’s needed.

Taking NEW actions…yet
these are often uncomfortable.


You ARE the priority.

When you have to do uncomfortable tasks,
the short term costs of taking action can
seem so much greater than the
long-term benefits of reaching the goal.

Because of this you ABANDON THEM.

To get to where you want successfully, it is
ESSENTIAL to have a STRONG emotional stake
on the outcome.

If you REALLY want all of those
things for what you LOVE so much,
the NUMBER 1 thing that you will
HAVE to sacrifice to be great,
to achieve what you are capable of
and to execute your plans is

Value the important stuff
BEFORE your comfort.

So the critical thing is to
get a COMPELLING VISION of the future YOU
when you put yourself FIRST.

When you put yourself FIRST you
ARE also putting your kids success FIRST,
Your gorgeous home FIRST
Your career FIRST
The needs and love of your husband FIRST.

Because you will be that strong, healthy,
happy person that is there for them to feel
like they’re FIRST!

I am to make my emails as inspiring
as possible and enough to make you take action
for you and your vision.

Tomorrow I’m going to do another email
inspired by Mrs X.

I want to make sure you take my message

day-by-day so
it makes you take action.

You can start to get UNCOMFORTABLE
and working on your vision NOW.

I’m opening the group TODAY for the
7 day detox and ladies from ALL OVER THE UK
have secured their spots.

Will you?…/7-day-detox/

^^ Step one towards YOUR VISION could be there^^

Keep Fit & Fab

Tara xx

P.S PLEASE visualise your future self 12 weeks from now. WHO do you want to be?

Work on that person today. Get uncomfortable xx…/7-day-detox/

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