Could have lost 17lbs and STILL eaten chocolate

Could have lost 17lbs and eaten chocolate!

Hey 🙂

Chocolate for breakfast?

Lunch and Dinner?

Struggling to control those sugar cravings?

I received this question:

The only question I have at the moment is how do I stop the sugar cravings? If I could get that under control. I could begin to follow your healthy eating. At the moment I just go for crisps or chocolate!

I'm sure many feel the same too.

Eating chocolate, crisps, convenient processed foods like pasties & sausage rolls, doughnuts....the list goes on.

Many don't have a proper breakfast so grab chocolate or biscuits to go with a cuppa then it's the start of the sugar high & low roller-coaster for the day and all the unhealthy choices that go with it.

Here's some tough love.......

Not only is this a disaster for

your energy,

your feelings,

managing your hunger,

controlling your cravings,

helping you lose weight, many more


Your health!

Doing this consistently for any length of time is going to have its effects.

Let's forget us wanting to lose weight so we feel nicer in our clothes etc etc

Eating this way is a recipe for risking ill health.

Think diabetes

High blood pressure

Heart disease

in fact increased risk of so much more.

There's been a big campaign by Cancer Research UK recently highlighting the fact that

Obesity is the second biggest preventable cause of cancer after smoking.

Nobody wants to feel this way, but it can change.

It's not easy but it takes one step.

Accepting that change needs to happen and to get help.

There's plenty out there but too many people read inspiring message (like this) and do


Does that sound crazy to you?

I'm sure there's people out there who have been following me for years....and still do nothing.

Making change is easy to do when the first step is made.

It leads to another then another.

Just a small change will slowly over time make a huge difference.

Lets say someone who's been following me since 1st January wanted to lose 2 stone.

They could keep reading my tips,

look at my workouts,

fancy one of my recipes and keep doing the same thing over and over again - still WISHING to change.

and right at this moment - they still want to lose that 2 stone because they STILL haven't done what they wanted to do at the beginning of the year.

Or on 1st January they decided to get in touch with me and do something.

They joined my 12 week Life Taransformer programme.

They lose JUST 1 lb a week...that's 12 lb gone easily.

Then because they learned some great new habits, they kept on going JUST losing 1lb a week.

Right now they would have lost 17 lbs so far this year!

2018 has gone fast and those 17 lbs would have made such a difference on health & happiness.

And I guarantee......this could have been done EASILY with chocolate & goodies as part of the eating plan.

Check out the recipe pic I've shared.

How nice does that look.....It's chocolaty and healthy.

Anyway, lets get to answering the question about stopping sugar cravings.

Here's my tips:

1) Eat protein at your meals This helps to keep you fuller for longer and when you meal is balanced with nutrition from veggies or fruit you will feed your body with what it really wants. This will help reduce those feelings of wanting and needing something (thinking it's sugar) because your body will be happy that it's getting the fuel it needs

2) Get good sleep When you go to bed, have a better nights sleep you will wake up feeling more refreshed and able to make better decisions. Your body will have recharged and your hormones will be on your side. Rather than feeling tired, grabbing coffee for a caffeine fix and chocolate for a sugar fix to perk you up...which is only temporary.

3) Get disciplined Yes we can put things in place to set you up better but when you've got a habit that needs's going to take some thought. You need to be aware of when you're having these cravings. What's triggering you? is it certain times of day, when you're doing certain things around certain people? then think about what you want more. It takes strength, but you'll feel so proud of yourself after you've done it the first time....then it will get easier as time goes on.

4) Change your shopping Stop buying the junk! if it's not in your house, then it wont end up in your body. and none of this 'it's for the kids' BS. Should they be eating all that anyway? and if you do get things for them, keep them in their cupboard as it's for them...not you!

5) Get support This comes up every-time. It's the #1 ingredient to success. On your own you'll always find it harder, but when you're around others who are just like you and have someone to guide you, there is a much better chance of getting what you want.

6) Say NO This can be very powerful. You'll have temptations and people keeping on to you to have cake with them....just say no. It only makes THEM feel uncomfortable. That's their problem - not yours. Do what you KNOW will make you happy.

Don't be the person who reads, and looks and thinks.

You've got to take the first step.

Here's one step you can take....apply for the next Life Taransformer Programme.

When you apply, we can get on the phone, talk about your struggles and what you want to achieve then if you feel you'r ready - get excited to grab your goal.

Here's the link: APPLICATION FORM

Spend 12 weeks with me and the girls feeling more motivated than ever.

What would you LOVE to achieve?

This plan will take you right up to the end of July....Imagine feeling more confident and happier this Summer!

Stop thinking & complaining and take action

P.S if you did take action at the beginning of the year and kept going, what have you achieved so far? let me know!

  • April 24, 2018