Christmas Cupcake Recipe - Tara Hammett

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Christmas Cupcake Recipe

Christmas Cupcake

Christmas Cupcake

Before you think….OMG that’s a bit weird…Let me tell you

It’s a taste sensation!!

It looks amazing

tastes amazing


is amazing for you!

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Nothing but clean ingredients and a double dose of creativity.

If you fancy serving something totally delicious and pretty this christmas time, this will go down a storm with your guests!



Turkey & Thyme Muffin with Cranberry Frosting


500g Turkey Mince

1 Chopped Onion

50g Oats

1 Egg

4 Sprigs Fresh Chopped Thyme

Large Pot Total % Yoghurt

90g Unsweetened / Fresh Cranberries


Mix your turkey, onion, oats, egg and thyme in a large bowl.

Split into 8 and add to silicone muffin case. Cook in a pre-heated oven for 20 mins or until cooked through.

Blitz your cranberries and yoghurt in a blender (Save some for decoration).

Add a spoonful to the top of your turkey muffin, shape and sprinkle with cranberries.

You’ll need to eat the cupcakes as soon as you’ve topped with the frosting. This makes 8 cupcakes so you can save some in the fridge and top them when you’re ready to eat them. Delicious served hot or cold.

Tara Hammett

Jayne Smith - December 3, 2013

Made these last night! They are officially yummy – very easy and certainly satisfy a little savoury craving. Tara never fails to develop some quirky receipes which are not difficult to integrate into our busy lives to make sure we stay on the fit’n’healthy train. 😉

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