Chocolate Blueberry Crunch Smoothie - Tara Hammett

Chocolate Blueberry Crunch Smoothie


Today is your last chance.

Just saying

Tomorrow….too late.

Then in 21 days time when you have NOT got nearer to your
goals, remember the lesson from not taking action NOW

When you take action, you get results.

When you do NOTHING…..that’s what you get.

Then you watch how others achieve goals and you think
‘Wish I had their will power’

You have to do something for you, nobody else will do it for you.

And right now……you can join my £55 programme for only £10


Quite possibly, will never be done again BUT
Like I said yesterday…I’m a little bit excited.

More about that next week.


This recipe.


When I was away in Vegas I was in LOVE LOVE LOVE
with the juices and smoothies at the organic bar in my hotel.

Where every other place is burgers, fries, potato chips, pretzels,
pretzels stuffed with bacon & cheese,
pretzels stuffed with bacon & cheese and covered with more cheese, stuffed in a burger,
glazed with salted caramel and sprinkled in cheesy popcorn.

(ok, I made the last one up – but it probably does exist)

It was DREAMY to have this bar almost outside my room.

I went through the menu.

I LOVED the juices
I LOVED the smoothies
my faves

The Libido Lover Crunch and
The Acai Berry Crunch


I’m seriously inspired by these.

Sometimes I’m like

Smoothie – MEH, I’d rather eat the ingredients,
but with these…..

Because of the granola – GAME CHANGER

You do get to do a bit of that EAT, which I love so much!

So yesterday, I put my first TARAnsformer recipe to the test.

I wanted something cold
Something sweet
Something chocolatey
Something crunchy

This did it all

Rammed with flavour
Stuffed with nutrition
Sprinkled with crunchy granola-y-ness

And the recipe???

You can have it.

You’ll get it in the 21 day programme #T21
You need to get the ingredients
You need to make it
Then you can enjoy it

No point in just looking at it.
Just the same as there’s no point in reading this email
wishing you loved your body and doing NOTHING about it.

Take action supergirl!

Remember 21 day programme is only £10 if you want it!

Email me for the rules and for me to send you the link 🙂
Keep fit & fab
Tara x

P.S Kick off is officially tomorrow and more info is here

T21 – 21 day programme

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  • June 26, 2016