Choc Protein Cake in 30 secs - Tara Hammett

Choc Protein Cake in 30 secs


Mmmmm ???

You know when 

*You fancy something sweet

*Get that chocolatey craving

*Been good all week

*Need something now (and don’t tell me to have a green tea and something heathy)

Get those feelings?? 

Well….in 30seconds you can have this! 

Want the recipe??

I’m gonna share this recipe in a blog/email later if you let me know you want it,

once I’ve had 20 fabulous people share this post – I’ll share the recipe.

I think that’s fair…kinda want to make sure I’m sharing the info you want to learn about.

The more I get feedback from you, the more I know I’m on the right track

yum yum yum yum 

Tara xxx

P.S You joining the SOS programme and fancy you chances at being my winner?


  • November 24, 2016