Why can't I tackle the one thing that makes me so miserable? - Tara Hammett

Why can’t I tackle the one thing that makes me so miserable?

If you saw me out, would you come up to me and say hello?
I had a lovely email yesterday from Mrs X, she’s done the programmes before. She saw me at the football match last week and wanted to say hello, but couldn’t.
She felt bad, like she’d let me down because she’d put some weight back on.
Like I said in my reply…I would never feel let down.
I’m here to help motivate you to do something that’s really hard.
She’s a confident person, Very successful at her career, amazing with her family and friends but why can’t she tackle the one thing that makes her so miserable?
Change is hard, and even the most successful people can find it hard to take control of their health and weight.
Learning and getting back up is even harder – but Mrs X has done that.
She’s joined the detox week.
The thing is so many of us make other things a priority. Our family, our friends, our work…then us. Making yourself a priority is number 1.
Do you believe that the way you are is the way you’re meant to be?
Or do you think you could be better?
It’s time to stop reading, re-reading, discarding and forgetting what I say.
You need to take action.
You need to be truly honest with yourself about what you want and the reasons you’re not getting there. Stop the excuses and take control
You need to focus on YOU…..not other peoples successes
Be patient with yourself….it takes time.
YES we all want it in a week but to make permanent change it take time.
Don’t let any opportunities pass you by because you don’t believe you can do them.
Choose to change
Take action
Get excited
You can start now and get brilliant results in your first week with me….starting tomorrow.
All you’ve got to do is commit
Once you’ve committed, keep going.
Stay consistent….it works, even with the smallest steps each day



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  • May 28, 2017