Can I come to your house? - Tara Hammett

Can I come to your house?

I love them
Chocolate versions
and the ones when you create a bit
of a stir and they gain momentum.
First, I’m absolutely DELIGHTED with the
response from my presentation I did in front of
the teachers of Swansea.
There’s already 5 lined up for me to visit – OMG!
Secondly, the amount of people
that have got in touch asking what I talked about has given me
an idea.
I’m gonna tell you.
I want to tell loads of people,
so I’m
going to do a FREE event.
And the best part is,
The event is going to be a FREE Webinar.
Which means,
you won’t have to leave the house.
I’ll be able to get loads of you,
online as I present to you exactly what I
covered to inspire the teachers to reach out to me.
Keep an eye out for the email I send
inviting you along.
All you’ll need to do is register and join in.
I want to do this to inspire
you to find that motivation and have
PASSION for staying motivated.
I was doing a private training
session with 7 guys yesterday morning.
When we finished, I turned to one and asked
him how he felt.
“Really disappointed in myself”
“What you mean? You worked so hard!” I said
“I’m gutted with myself that I’ve let myself go and
lost so much fitness that I’d built up”
I was training these guys at the beginning
of the year but their jobs re-located so they didn’t get
Tara Time in the morning.
In the meantime, the motivation slowly disappeared and
the training sessions reduced and
the eating habits changed.
“Lee, the main thing is that you are HERE right now
and you just did it”
The rest of my message I want to
use to inspire you.
There’s nothing we can do about the past.
We can’t change it
We CAN learn from it though.
Without the support and
guidance of someone to be accountable to,
the chances are you will choose
You may choose to avoid the workout today
You may choose to eat more unhealthy food over
You may choose to stay up later 
It’s so easy to slip into
bad habits when you haven’t got
that little extra passion in your motivation.
To get that you need to think of your PURPOSE.
Do you want to lose some weight before Christmas
comes, as the chances are you’re going to put some on?
(I do!)
So you know you have a purpose, a goal.
How are you going to get there?
Set yourself up with a plan,
a mission,
a way of committing to your goal and getting to it.
is your answer.
Like I said to Lee.
Learn from the past,
change NOW.
You are in complete control of everything
you do from now onwards.
The great thing for Lee is that
He’s got me three times a week
to keep him on track and get back to
where he felt AWESOME about himself.
What have you got?
Learn from the mistakes of the past
where you did NOTHING and this
time do something.
You need to take continuous action.
It’s this continuous effort that helps
to unlock your true potential and
I’m here to help you do that.
Many are securing their place already.
We kick off the final detox on FRIDAY and
I guarantee – I’m gonna get everyone
excited about this week.
EXACTLY like we did last month.
Keep Fit & Fab
Tara xx
P.S Chocolate sprout ROCK!!!!! I’ll now be visiting more schools to
share some healthy love…the ripple is growing xx
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  • November 11, 2015