Best to do this now... - Tara Hammett

Best to do this now…



We’ve opened up the Detox Week and the girls are
all introducing themselves and prepping ready for Monday.


#1 Click HERE to join now

#2 Get some healthy food in from the Shopping List

#3 Get some ideas on what you’re going to eat from the recipes

#4 Get started on Monday

Now….not sure if you saw the top tips
I posted on Facebook and Insta earlier but
with my pregnancy cravings its REALLY REALL HARD to
eat the cleanest, but you know what?

I’m enjoying eating the food I wouldn’t normally eat and I actually don’t
feel the best unless I include the carbs that I fancy at every meal.

So that’s me right now.

I’ve already got a plan for the New Year…I’ll 100% be starting with the
Detox Week when I’m ready.

Good thing is, I recommend many carbs during this week so it will
be brill for keeping my energy up…like it will with you.

But for YOU – it’s time to get started NOW.

Don’t wait.

The more you wait, the longer it will be before you get to where you want.

I’m here NOW with the rest of the team ready to help you
lose from 5-13lbs

There’s the link for you

Don’t sit there wishing!


Tara xx

  • October 8, 2016