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How’s your sleep ?

Hey It’s been a few days since my last email and I’ve mainly been focusing on Danny & sleep. A 19month old is certainly demanding and I’ve been spending more time playing, singing nursery rhymes and picking things up off the stairs (new game and includes toys, shoes, cups…anything that can be picked up really) […]

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Bingo Wings Workout

Hey I regularly get lots of questions and answering them for everyone really helps to inspire so many In my Life Taransformer plan we do a goal setting form every Sunday, I read them all then talk with the girls about them in our live meeting. There were so many fab questions, and I’ll share […]

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My heads not in it

Helloooooo My head certainly hasn’t been in it the last few days. Wednesday evening I became so ill, I’ve never felt like it before in my life. There I was enjoying a nice meal out with a friend and I was all prepared to share some inspiration about eating out and enjoying until… I ate […]

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Happy Birthday to Meeeeeee

Hiya I wasn’t going to do anything worky today, but I couldn’t resist. I’ve been swimming with Danny, We went in the soft play area for a while and had a sandwich & drink before coming home. Then, I made a cuppa and caught up with all my lovely birthday wishes. After that I had […]

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The Recipe

I get a lot of this… ‘Hi, I’ve been following you for a while. I really want to lose weight, what’s included in the plan?’ ‘Hi, I’m getting married in 7 weeks and go to classes but need help with staying motivated to eat better, can I still join in?’ ‘Hi, I’m struggling to lose […]

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It’s not a good time for this…..

Have you been putting anything off recently  ? There’ll never be the perfect time to do things. I’m doing it myself Almost every single day I get asked the question “When are you going to have another baby?” We’d love a little brother or sister for Danny one day, however I’ve got big plans for […]

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The reasons you’re stuck!

What is the main thing that’s holding you back right now ? One big thing that many lack and what keeps them stagnant with their weight loss is they just don’t keep practicing what they need to do to get results. It’s just so easy in the comfort zone, but that’s not what gets us results. […]

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Drop 6lbs with all this food

Check out the food above That’s just a sample of all the meals Beth had last week when she lost 6lbs. No starving No skipping meals No going to bed hungry Yes – it takes some planning and organisation but Beth really wanted to get some results and it was so worth it. So here’s a […]

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YES IT IS!! What you need to do to lose weight and live a happy life is simple. Keep it basic: 1) Move more 2) Eat better 3) Sleep well 4) Drink plenty of water 5) Manage your stress 6) Do more things you love with the people you love 7) Love yourself All stuff […]

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