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Recipe: It’s Vegan….Which is HUGE!

Check out this before and after! Some simple ingredients,  You can use fresh or frozen, It tastes amazing, You can make a big batch to cover many other meals  It’s healthy and boosts your nutrient intake  and I’ve made this one a totally delicious vegan meal. I’m not Vegan, but I am very much what […]

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Pay Attention

Have you made a habit of daily reading? Having a daily brain workout is one of my biggest tips to help you stay mentally AND physically healthy. Every day stuff is continually going on in our minds Overthinking Paranoia Stressing Worrying Criticising All thoughts and stories we tell ourself which are untrue or we waste time wondering […]

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Recipe: Brunch With No Bread

Over on my Facebook page there have been some comments on my latest brunch idea, so I thought I’d share some Foodie Friday inspo and let you know how it’s done. It’s so easy, it’s not even a recipe. More of assembly however, I know poached eggs can be a bit of a pest for people. […]

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You Are Flawesome

Happy International Women’s Day! All too often I see criticising, hating, negative chatter and this is all from within. Yet when women get together – amazing things happen. Every day I am with a wonderful tribe of women all wanting to feel better and help others along the way The support is incredible The strength […]

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The Sad Truth About Body Image

Yesterday 81% of my followers said they think negative thoughts about their body and within my group: 67% Thought negatively about their body ALL THE TIME 21% Some of the time and 12% do think negatively, but they do think positive thought too. It’s so sad to think of the constant war going on in […]

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Last Chance To Join The 30 Day Challenge

The Challenge is open The team are in the support group I’ve just sent the Day 1 task and we’re all excited to start the 30 Day ‘Get Motivated’ Challenge If you wanted to jump in, here’s the link for instant access https://tarahammett.com/30daymotivationjoin I’m loving some of the posts in the group already asking questions. […]

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How Sarah has lost 22 inches

Very often I will share with you some of the wonderful success stories of women who have battled the dieting roller coaster for most of their lives and FINALLY change their lifestyle and their body. Today is a bit different as I want to share with you Sarah’ story. She’s at the beginning of her […]

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Joining the challenge ?

I’ve set the simple daily tasks for you  , in the 30 day challenge. To get motivated I’m going to help you every day with * A LITTLE bit of exercise (sometimes just a walk) * Recipes to follow so you know you’re eating the right stuff * Little tasks on mindset so you think […]

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Recipe: Rainbow Fritters & Poached Egg

I couldn’t help but share this video of my brekkie this morning I was getting another recipe ready for the 30 day challenge and before I tucked in I just had to film cutting into my poached egg This meal was so good. It’s fast to make Healthy Lower carbs There’s plenty of veggies & […]

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