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4 Things you MUST Eat for Brekkie

What you do first thing will make ALL the difference to your day….so “On the 4th day of Christmas Tara sent to me, 4 Brekkie Tips to make your start each day super healthyyyyyy” All too often I still see people reaching for a brekkie that may not be satisfying, keep you full or help […]

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My 12 days of gifts for you!

Greetings, I’m completely caught up in the Christmas spirit. My excitement is more than ever now I’ve got Danny. Which is why I’ve decided to put together a few of my favourite things, and I’m giving them away for free…12 days in a row. Here’s a sneak peek of some of the healthy goodies I’m […]

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Oops…Xmas treats got me. Naughty girl!

Ok, be honest….how many mince pies have you had so far? I’ve had 4. Maybe you hate them so they’re easy to avoid, but you’re caving to something else like lebkuchen, mulled wine or a christmas flavoured coffee when you’re out shopping. ^^ Do you even know what Lebkuchen is? I didn’t until this morning. Anyway, […]

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Let’s Make Plans

Let’s do this! The gates are wide open to Christmas season and the parties have started. It’s the time where many have resigned themselves to the New Year to work on their goals, whilst others know that you can still enjoy AND feel awesome whilst working on health goals. I want to encourage the action takers….so […]

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