Are you a consistent QUITTER? - Tara Hammett

Are you a consistent QUITTER?

First, based on the response to
my email about starting a class in Swansea….well….

Looks like I better make it happen!!


I’ve been thinking and planning
and now it’s time to execute!

Thats me – action taker.

I’m putting it out there,
declaring it to you and
now it’s time to
make it a reality.

And that’s just how you get results.

Small steps in the right direction.

So I’m going to get planning,
get help and support
and stay consistent towards my goals of
achieving the result.

The TARAnsformer Class


Obviously I’ll keep you posted!

But in the meantime, you
need to take action towards your goals too.

Now for you to get to your results you
need the discipline of consistency.

You can be as passionate and ambitious
as you want, with good intentions,
but if you’re not CONSISTENT,
you will lose your mojo and always
be battling to change.

I read a good example in a book.

Imagine me and you are both flying planes.

On our journey, you decide to land in every airport
in-between our destination,
but I fly straight through.

I’d beat you.

The stopping and starting all the time would
use up so much time and energy, you’d lose momentum.

In fact, you may get so annoyed by your lack of progress
(just like willpower, motivation, belief), that you give up.

Whereas my continued progress
(I could even fly slower than you) is far easier
and takes a lot less effort to maintain and soon
I get to where I want to be.

It’s easy for people to get a little over-excited and go flat out with change,
but very often it’s all too much too soon.

It’s not sustainable or realistic to fit into your day.

Exercising too long and too hard

Eating too little and not the right stuff.

Getting tired and not seeing massive results quick enough.

Thats where you need a little helping hand,
small daily steps with
a gentle progression towards change.

Take many of the TARAnsformers,

They start off following my FREE daily
inspirational emails.

Then have a try of my 7 Day Detox Program
(Which kicks off on Monday by the way)

You learn to eliminate food & habits which make you
feel sluggish and bogged down.

Then they move on to the 21 day program.

They stay consistent.

Continue being supported throughout the inner circle and
the results are achieved.

The stop start, merry-go-round method
will never be a winner.

Slow and steady wins the race.

If you’re ready for lasting results this time.

Get planning your mission,
make it easier for yourself and stay

You can hit that link to secure your place in the
next detox program and take it one successful
step at a time with me.
Keep fit & fab

Tara xx

P.S Got a deeeeeeeelish BRAND NEW RECIPE
for the Detox week for you to try. Nutty Avocado Fries! OMG!!

  • May 26, 2015