And the WINNER IS........ - Tara Hammett

And the WINNER IS……..

In January, I joined up with the team from The Wave Radio Station
to look for 10 recruits for The Diet Tribe.
A 6 week programme helping the troop
change their lifestyles and lose weight.
I can’t believe that last night was finale night.
It’s already over.
Where have the weeks gone?
So we celebrated a fabulous journey
with the tribe and revealed the WINNER was
the gorgeous Gemma Morris.
Here’s a message she sent me:
“Morning beautiful Tara hope your ok!
I had an amazing night last night thank you so much it was lovely!
I’m still gob smacked I won though,
I know I was really determined more last week and
exercised everyday and had lovely healthy food but
I didn’t expect it because everyone has done amazing and look fantastic.
Thank you so much you have changed my world,
it’s so hard to put into words what you’ve done for me,
you’ve made my dreams come true and
you’re the person who has turned my
reflection in the mirror into a smile rather than a tear
I am chuffed how far I’ve come!
I have never been down to 11stone
and I’m looking forward to getting down in the 10stone
zone all in 6 weeks it’s amazing.
I have struggled all my life and doing this for
6 weeks has transformed my life and eating
normal food without spending a fortune on
the Cambridge and herbal life which I was starving on!
You’re amazing, beautiful inside and out and so
pleased that I have met you and have a lovely new friends as well,
mwah xxx”
I remember right at the very beginning that familiar
look and feel I’ve seen before.
The whole tribe did not know what was ahead of them.
All the knew was:
They HAD to change.
They HAD to do something.
They HAD to get help
They HAD to get support
Because they could not go on this way any longer.
So they did something they hadn’t done before.
Registered for the programme.
Worked with me
Followed my food & exercise advice
Checked in with me and the team daily.
They didn’t know if they would like it BUT
I knew
I knew they’d have fun
I knew they’d enjoy eating new gorgeous food
I knew they’d love the support
I knew they’d find the motivation they’d been searching for
I knew they’d lose weight
and THAT is exactly what they did.
So I put this to you….
Would YOU love to feel like the tribe?
If I gave you the chance to register for the same thing
RIGHT NOW, would you do it?
The chance to join my team?
The chance to work with me?
The chance to follow my food & exercise advice?
The chance to get my support daily?
Would you?
Kick off with MY NEW TEAM is on Friday 26th.
You can lose up to 11lbs in 7 days with me and the team.
All you’ve got to do is the same as the tribe.
You’ve only got to take that one step,
that one click have that
one lightbulb moment.
It’s now
Join me

Keep fit & fab

Tara xx
P.S You around Thursday? I’m thinking about doing another live webinar
if you fancy a bit of free inspiration? Let me know xx
  • February 21, 2016