Already DREADING the Summer? - Tara Hammett

Already DREADING the Summer?

I feel so embarrassed of my body,
I know I'll be hiding on the beach.
I want to wear clothes I like,
not clothes that will do, because they hide my body.

^^ Do you relate with that?

Those were the words one of the
girls said to me last night when I called her following
her registration to my BIG EVENT a week today!

A common feeling I know

You look through holiday
brochures or surf the internet looking
for somewhere fab to go and
have lots of fun with your
family in the sun, playing on the beach.

Save up all your money
Buy loads of new things
The whole time in the run up to it..

DREADING putting a swim suit on
DREADING revealing your body from the sarong or t-shirt

Hiding in baggy clothes and avoiding the strappy vests and shorts.

Yet all of these feelings could CHANGE


If you WANT to change your body
if you WANT to feel healthier
if you WANT to look forward to the Summer and
feel CONFIDENT on the beach.


I'm gonna make it FREAKING EASY FOR YOU!!

Let me HELP YOU!

On Wednesday, in Swansea, I am
holding a FREE event.

I am aiming to fill a big room in
The Dragon Hotel with people who
NEED to be inspired to change.

Who NEED to find some motivation.

Who NEED to learn how to do it.

I'm sharing MY 5-Steps that I
swear by and help my clients with.

And that info will now be available to YOU.
You can do the same as you always have.

Step out of the comfort zone,
Grab your ticket to my event and
Get motivated!

Here's the link

  • January 31, 2018