A few teaser scenes from my TV programme - Tara Hammett

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A few teaser scenes from my TV programme

Have you popped along to the BBC website and had a little look at some of scenes from my forthcoming TV programme ‘Is my job killing me?’

These scenes are great and I think they’re really funny!

It’s a toss up between Military Fitness or my Sexy Sprouts that I love best…Which one is your favourite?

Here’s the link for the scenes


It’s amazing how many people have contacted me saying how great the concept is and that I should go to their workplace. And I’d love to!

I’m already working with Admiral Insurance and we have set up a TARAnsformation Corporate Programme which the employ yes sign up for and the results are brilliant!

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A healthy workforce is a happy workforce!

If you’d like to see me at your place of work or set up a TARAnsformation programme – email me on taransformation@gmail.com

Keep fit, fab and watching the scenes

Tara x

Ps. Do some squats whilst you watch 😉 ha x

Tara Hammett