7 days, 7 tasks...you in ? - Tara Hammett

7 days, 7 tasks…you in ?

sept ch

We start tomorrow
7 day challenge.
570 of us are in the group and it’s still growing.
Are you in?
I’ve posted todays task in there just now, you can watch it here:
I’m really looking forward to helping everyone with a week of change.
I’m going to keep everyone as MOTIVATED as possible.
I’m gonna be keeping an eye EVERYDAY on how many started…..
and who will still be there on day 7!!
You never know what I’m going to do next,
in fact, neither do I really – ha, BUT for those who
stick with me, do every SMALL task EVERYDAY……..
There’ll be something.
“take action, get results”
That’s enough for now
Tara xx

Tara Hammett