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Angela lost 2 dress sizes!

Did you see th piccy of Angela…

Can you believe the difference in a week!

Angela was less bloated, full of energy and

loving the fact that her clothes were fitting better.


When she first started my 21 day weight loss program last year

she was a 12 going in to a size 14 and NOW…

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after keeping up the TARAnsformer lifestyle and

joining my detox program last month

she is in a size 8!




Look at the before and after from my 7 Day TARAnsformer programlast month!




I’m delighted for Angela and I know she’s

feeling amazing!


And this could be you after 7 days

with me.


Want to get rid of the bloat around

your belly?


Got a special occasion or holiday coming up?


Eliminate toxins and

feel fantastic with me.


Now, I will warn you…..

This program may not be for you.


Whilst it’s only 7 days, it’s only for those

who are 100% committed to making a change.


You’d have to be ready to give it

all you’ve got to get amazing results and sometimes

people aren’t quite up

for committing to doing

what they really need to change for the long term.


So….If you want to look in the mirror in

7 days and love seeing those inches melt away whilst

detoxing from the stresses thrown at

us every day. You can join now!


Click here to join NOW


Click that link above and get ready for

Pre-Start with me and the team kicking off

on Saturday!


Keep fit & fab

Tara xx

angela detox 2

ANgela Detox 1

Tara Hammett