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Hey, biscuit tin… BRING IT ON!



Last night I was on a Skype coaching call

with TARAnsformer Hannah as she was at a bit

of a sticking point and needed a bit

of a chat.


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She’s been doing so well, but has been

struggling with chocolate.


Maybe the same as you?


She has a great breakfast prepped, takes lunch to work

has a healthy snack, but why does she keep

eating chocolate & biscuits??


As Hannah said “Do I just need to

go cold turkey and man up?”


During the call Hannah mentioned a few struggles and I just


them with you as I know so many think the same.


Main points….

How can she get the perfect celebrities out of her head?

She lost lots of weight for her wedding, but put it all back on.

How can she get

that motivated again?

How can I survive when ‘Life gets in the way’?

Why do I eat those biscuits? How can I stop myself?


OMG I could go on for ages about these points

and today I’m only going to cover one

because this email would be so long.


But tomorrow I’m going to film a

quick video and answer them in more detail.


So the chocolate & biscuit thing…

This is a conditioned habit.


Ever had a box or pack of something in

front of you, zone out watching TV and next thing they’re



How mindless was that!!


You may aswell have had a bag of crunchy

lettuce, frozen blueberries or slices of

cucumber..you wouldn’t have noticed as

you weren’t paying any attention!


It is going to take some willpower

and some conscious effort and

positive mindset to get over this…..

one day at a time.


Hannah isn’t going to have any

biscuits or chocolate today as she’s going to

be more motivated than she has been for a long time

after our chat.


She’s not even going to hide those biscuits.


She’ll stare them in the face….they’ll always be in the staff

canteen. But today she will say

to herself…I WILL NOT have one, I AM focused on

my goals. She may even write on a

post it note ‘Today I WILL NOT have any

chocolate or biscuits’ and stick

to her vow to herself.


To combat the cravings, she’s going to use some

100% organic cocoa which is healthy, indulgent

and hormonally helps

with cravings.


and tonight…she’ll be so pleased with herself that

she proved to herself she can do it.


Then we’ll take the next day on.


Granted, not every day will go that way, but the more you

practice good decisions, the better you’ll get

at making good decisions and you will

soon become conditioned and won’t think

twice about it.


Check out the piccy at the end of this email….

it’s a brilliant visual to show that one

bad day, doesn’t ruin everything…

just have a word with yourself and

get back on it.


Like Hannah said, she will have to go a bit ‘Cold Turkey’ and

‘Man up’ Just like we all will be next week

in the 7 Day TARAnsformer Detox Program.


But ….after 7 short days, it will be worth it.


Emma felt the same last month

with the headaches….do you

think she thought it was worth it when

she discovered she lost 11lbs at the end???


Of course!


And that could be you too!


Click this link to join in ready for Pre-Start on Saturday!




and don’t forget my video tomorrow…


I’m also going out for lunch tomorrow,

and I’m going to show you

how I survive and which devil I’ll be

playing with.


Keep fit, fab and focused (Like Hannah)


Tara xx


p.s Detox registration closes tomorrow. Don’t miss out

if you’re still fighting the sugar cravings from


Join the Detox Program today.


Tara Hammett