3 days to change your life - no magic required! - Tara Hammett

3 days to change your life – no magic required!

What an epic start to the March TARAnsformation program….Check this out from Kimberley…. 3 DAYS IN!!!



“I’ve found I’ve been so full

I haven’t needed snacks in the day

so have been having the snack at bed time

with my last injection 🙂

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You are very right about my

blood sugars as well with this plan,

I’m not needing anywhere near as much insulin

and the levels are fab,

I’m also loving the exercises,

even though my back is in spasm I’m managing the

lowest intensity on them,

there’s only one I’ve had to change a bit.


This is seriously changing my life!!! X”



And feedback like this is what it’s all about.


Yes the program will get you INCREDIBLE WEIGHT LOSS and help you lose your love handles.


Yes you can learn how to enjoy amazing food no matter what your intolerances, preferences, budget or time constraints. WE don’t go hungry here!


Yes you can start to feel confident and happier when you quickly start seeing results and the compliments start flowing in..


But more importantly….


You can DRAMATICALLY change your health & life for the better!


When Kimberley first got in touch she asked me many questions about the program.


Due to having diabetes and food intolerances,

she was worried that it wouldn’t be suitable

so after giving some reassuring advice

(in fact, my first sentence was ‘sounds to me like you could really do with this program)

that my meal ideas, alternatives and support would be awesome for helping with blood sugar levels Kimberley joined in.


Kimberley is also a vegetarian and

again whilst many may not eat meat or fish,

very often they don’t eat many veggies either

(code name Junk – itarians or Starch-itarians),

and my nutrition guide teaches you how

to change eating habits for the better.


Now Kimberley is eating cleaner, more balanced meals

and her body is already thanking her for it!!


I’ll keep you posted on Kimberley’s success

as the program goes on as I’m sure many who

read my emails will have or know someone

who experiences the same.


We’ve already started the program this month

so unfortunately you can’t join in with the team right now,

but if you want to feel the benefits from ‘Life Changing’

meal ideas my ebook has over 60 recipes ready for you.


You can download it now – Click on the link here for instant access.


In the meantime,

I’ve got more emails to get through and I’ll be touching on

getting rid of love handles,

feeling hungry when following ‘Diet’ plans and

a nice new recipe for you!


Keep fit & fab


Tara xxx





Tara Hammett