3 Days left... - Tara Hammett

3 Days left…

….until my offer for you to grab my 4 recipe books is gone.

Many of you have taken advantage and got over 300 recipes to
choose from.

The hard thing about eating better is where to start.

It’s not as easy as

“Go to the supermarket, pick up lots of protein,
fruit & veg, some healthy fats and some clean carbs”


Too vague.

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We all know that,


– If you’re given a shopping list and TOLD what to do..

Aahhhhh – much easier.

– If you’re given a meal plan and TOLD what to eat

again – much easier.

– If you’ve got plenty of recipes to choose from and KNOW that every single one
is good for you and will help you lose weight.


Check out his from Vicky.

She’s A ‘Newbie’, she joined the Taransformer Group, got the books and
has taken piccys of what she’s been creating.

Vicky is smart.

One thing about these books is……They will not get you the results.

You have to make them – Like Vicky.

It’s all well and good having 300 new meals, smoothies & snacks at your fingertips but
where will it get you if you make NONE OF THEM???

This one is probably one of the easiest creations.

Sometimes, you don’t even want a recipe.

You just want an idea.

Some inspiration on how to make a quick, yummy meal that you can throw together to have
quickly at home or put in a container and take to work.

This salad is bursting with flavour, colour and makes you want a salad.

Yum Yum Yum Yum Yum

Like I said….Only 3 days, then it’s gone.
Stay fit & fab
Tara xx

Tara Hammett