- Tara Hammett

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bangers & mash

Bangers & Mash…yum.

One of the ultimate comfort meals, but not good for the waistline.

So when I was getting my kitchen geek on, I had a feeling I could come up with something healthy and clean
that would do the trick, but with a bit of festive flair, as it’s Christmas.

This totally works.

The sausages are awesome, the cauli crush is amaze but the best part for me
is the sauce.

“OMG, it’s like Christmas just landed in my mouth”

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That was my exact response.

You’ve so gotta try this one, it will be an absolute hit with the whole family.

And this is how you do it….

450g lean minced turkey
1 egg white
3 sprigs of thyme (pull leaves off stems)
2 tbs ground almonds (for sausage mix)
3 tbs ground almonds (to coat sausages)
6 cranberries (thinly chopped & diced)
Mix all ingredients together in a bowl, except for ground alomnds to coat. Shape into six small sausages, and roll in the remaining ground almonds. Cook through on a grill or pan or in the oven on 180 degrees for approz 15-18 minutes.

Cranberry Sauce:
200g cranberries
200ml of water
1/2 cup of truvia/stevia
either of the following, cinammon, mixed spice, chilli,
1 tbs orange zest

Boil the water and add truvia and cranberries, boil until cranberries start to burst. Then add spice of your choice and orange zest and remove from heat. And place in fridge when cool, it will thicken as it cools

Cauli Crush:
1 medium cauli head

Chop into florets and steam for 8-10 mins. Mash thoroughly and add a bit or cracked black pepper.

Serve 2 sausages with a big dollop of cauli crush and a tbs of cranberry sauce. You can rev up the nutrition with your fav green veggies too.

Make it, Snap it, Eat it then Share it!

Keep fit, fab and festive!

Tara x

Tara Hammett