THE 21 Day Weight Loss Programme is OPEN - Tara Hammett

THE 21 Day Weight Loss Programme is OPEN

You know all those things you need to do to get the stomach you want and the weight loss you want
It’s HERE and it’s open for you to join me right NOW!
So don’t delay taking action..
The doors open at 8pm tonight!!!
Want to be one of the first to join in?
Following my ‘what do you need help with?’ email, the responses are still coming in
They are all sooooo similar.
* I read your emails, but never do anything
* I feel a bit scared – what if I don’t like it?
* I know I should do it – I’ve been drinking a lot.
* WHat’s the best thing to do to tone my stomach?
EVERYTHING you need to lose weight and make it as EASY AS POSSIBLE is here.
….and if you’re thinking of doing it
Put your thoughts into action.
You will NEVER get the results you want by thinking and not doing
You will NEVER get something different if you keep doing the same thing.
As one said, I’ve got a party whilst the programme is on, but that’s no excuse…there’ll always be something.
Thankfully, there will ALWAYS be something fabulous for us to look forward to which includes food and drink and surely you want to FEEL fabulous when you’re enjoying yourself??
Well, let’s start making you fabulous!
What you do NOT want to do is:
Expensive, short term quick fix. amongst my morning chats today on of the girls told me her friend is doing the campbridge diet
Drastic weight loss? Initally yes
and let me tell you what else is drastic:
The cost
The mood swings
The obsessing over what you can’t eat
The lethargic feelings
The exclusion from social events
one more time
It all goes back on
“ooohhhhh, I really want to lose some weight for a little while and put it all back on plus about 4 extra pounds” …said no-one EVER!!
So why do it?
But it worked for me before…
Erm, if you’re thinking of going back on the diet, the chances are Uou want to lose weight, which means – it dId not work!
What does work is changing your lifestyle.
Eating plenty of food, At home, in a restaurant and on holiday.
Moving more, so you get those toned arms and flatter stomach
Spending time with those you love – so you’re happier and enjoy your life more
Loving what you see in the mirror, so you can wear all those clothes you want with confidence.
In the T21 programme you”’have 12 minute workouts, loads of recipes, 24/7 support and you’ll get reasult that LAST. Not disappear when you look at your first ‘post-diet’ chocolate bar.
Here’s the link to join me and do it the right way, the easiest way!
And since I’ve mentioned chocolate, tonight I’m going to be designing a week long, weight loss meal plan which includes chocolate EVERYDAY!!
You can think some of my girls for this!!
Look out for more info tomozza!!
Tara xx

Tara Hammett