21 Day Spring 2022 - Tara Hammett

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21 Days to a Fitter, Firmer, & More Toned Body With The 21 Day Spring Workout Plan

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21 Day Spring Workout Plan

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The workouts have allowed me to feel strong, to build my body along with other positive habits to be the best I can be. I have increased my reps, increased my weights and noticed in day to day activities my strength improvement and body health: walking further, not getting out of breath, running faster etc.

I love that I am committed and accountable. They are at home and I start my day right. They work for my routine. The kids join in, I’m pushed out of my comfort zones. It’s an amazing group of women supporting each other.



I have achieved over 50 inches loss from my body. It starts my day off with energy and purpose. The changes in muscle tone has been more than could have ever imagined. I have a new found confidence in how l look.

l love the camaraderie l have with the girls in the Train With Tara group.

The exercises are already tailored to work on the areas of the body that we want to improve. l love that can go downstairs in my home and just turn up…..in my pj's if necessary. l love that it's first thing in the morning and then it's done.

Persistence and patience really does pay off.

It's worth getting up for.




Since starting PT with Tara my whole daily structure has changed for the better

Firstly, I make the positive decision to ‘Flip the quilt’ (some days are definitely harder than others mind you!!) but it’s always worth it as by 7am you feel on top of the world!!

I’m downstairs & ready within 5 minutes - this has been amazing for me - I know this may sound odd to some but I hate not wearing make up, so early sessions at a gym somewhere has always put me off.

I love the workouts, they are fantastic- I’ve lost 9lb and 12 inches all over. My body has lost fat & my muscles now look toned & defined - I love the workouts as they keep me energised all day. When I complete 4/4 workouts a week. It feels sooo good as I go into the weekend knowing I’ve worked hard all week. I still love my treats on the weekend, especially my wine!! 



I’m so much stronger and healthier mentally and physically.. The workouts really help me focus for the day and week ahead.

Absolutely love how anyone of any ability can join in .They are fun and challenging all at the same time and it beats spending hours in a gym!!! It’s also been so good seeing how I’ve progressed whether it be the size of the weights or going from a press-up on my knees to a full press up.


Grab Your Lifetime Access for the
21 Day Spring Workout Plan

Register now for just one payment of £20