21 Day Autumn 2022 - Tara Hammett

Attention Busy Women

21 Days to a Fitter, Firmer, & More Toned Body With The 21 Day Autumn Workout Plan

Tone Up

Feel Stronger

Get fit

Build Confidence

The 21 day plan has been designed for busy women who want to tone up, get fitter and feel more confident.

The 21 day plan has been designed for busy women who want to tone up, get fitter and feel more confident.

If you’re feeling stuck in a rut, low in energy and desperate to make a change but simply don’t know where to start, the 21 Day Plan is for you.

This is the kickstart you’ve been looking for, to help you feel motivated and to get the momentum you need to keep going whilst doing something you enjoy.

The 21 Day plan has been designed to be easy to follow, flexible to fit into your busy day and OF COURSE - get you results.

It’s time to get moving and into your wardrobe of clothes that you’d love to wear again this autmn.

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What You Get:

The Workouts

The ‘Train with Tara’ workouts have been designed to help you get toned, fitter and feeling energised 20 minutes. In every workout video, Tara is working out alongside you and takes you through a warm up & cool down in every video.

You’ll get a simple to follow workout guide that will easily take you through the 21 days so you know exactly what to do on which day.

The Nutrition Guide

With Tara’s nutrition guide you will understand how to eat better to support your training. You’ll also have a calorie calculator to give you your very unique calorie recommendation to reach your goal.

The Lifestyle Video Series

Tara has created a super easy to follow video series to help you get started with absolute clarity, eliminate confusion and make sure you’re not feeling overwhelmed. Tara covers mindset, exercise, nutrition, sleep, stress, habits, emotions and so much more so you understand what to do to bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be (plus understand why previous plans haven’t worked for you).

The Support

Join the many girls in the Life Transformer Community Support group where Tara will be checking in, keep you accountable and you’ll be inspired by the girls who, like you, really want to make a change and feel better about themselves.

Life Transformer Success Stories

Gemma Price

I Lost 20lbs in Less Than 3 Months

"Before Life Transformer I was unhappy, depressed and my mood was always negative because of my appearance. I knew exactly what I needed to do with exercise and eating but the missing piece of the jigsaw for me was being surrounded by incredible women and the wealth of knowledge from Tara.

Life Transformer isn’t about a quick fix, it's change of lifestyle, it’s about relationships, mindset, sleep and creating healthy habits for life.

I’ve lost 20lbs in just under 3 months. I've improved confidence, self esteem and I'm happier. I can put my old jeans on and not spend half an hour stressing about how I look, I can wear sleeveless tops, I can run 5k and I'm sleeping better. Most of all, I have the self confidence to walk out my door and just be happy"

Rachel Wilcox

I’ve Now Lost Two Dress Sizes and over Two Stone in 12 Weeks

"Before Life Transformer I was feeling self conscious and not myself. After having a baby, I wanted to get fit and confident again. I’d always done regular exercise but lacked the self belief in myself now I was a Mum.

I've now lost two dress sizes and over two stone in 12 weeks with as a Life Transfomer.

What I loved about Tara's Life Transformer Coaching Program was the healthy lifestyle approach. No restrictions on food, No rigid dieting, No crazy long workouts. Now I feel more like myself with more energy to look after my little boy."

Gemma Elizabeth

Happier, More Confident and Enjoying Life

"I joined Life Transformer to give myself a kick in the right direction as I was feeling low, unhealthy and not myself. After years of weight watchers and slimming world I didn’t know what to expect and was worried I may not like it.

With Tara's motivation and support I've lost 2 dress sizes and a stone in weight without ever feeling like I'm on a diet.

It’s a lifestyle which suits me. I have more energy, I'm happier, more confident and enjoying life more. I couldn’t have done it without Tara and the Life Transformer group!"

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a one off £20 fee and can I still access it after the 21 days?

YES. It's only £20, no further payments and access for life......you can't get a decent takeaway for that price.

Can I start this at any time or do I need to start straight away?

YES you can start at any time. It's yours forever so you can start when it suits you (although I do hope you start sooner rather than later).

Are there set times? I work shifts so can't be tied to anything

No. All the workouts and information is on demand so you can have all the flexibility you need to get the best out of the plan around your lifestyle.

Are the workouts the same as the ones in the 12 day plan?

No. They're all brand new workouts following the 'Train With Tara' signature style

Is there a way to work out calories?

Yes. I have added a calorie calculator to the plan

Do I need equipment?

A set of dumbbells and/or a kettlebell will be great for the workouts. However when you’re starting you can simply use your body weight and create weights with items around the home. Tara talks in more detail about equipment in the lifestyle video series.

Is it suitable for beginners?

Yes. The workouts are easy to adapt and Tara show alternatives to the exercises. In addition, you can keep in touch with Tara in the support group and the beauty of working out in the privacy of your own home means you can slowly build up your fitness and confidence in your own home. Tara recommends doing the first 4 workouts with just your body weight if you are a beginner.

Does this start when I do so, and does this include set time live workouts?

You can start whenever it suits you and as you have access for life, time doesn’t run out so it’s yours to do in your time and the beauty is you can do it again and again. I’d probably recommend going through the workouts 3 times and seeing the improvements. There aren’t any live sessions included in this plan.

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