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What NOT to do for stomach fat

This weeks Podcast is out. Boy or girl? It’s all about the TaransforMUM’s This week we talk about what the thing MOST people do for a flat stomach which WILL NOT get you the results you want PLUS * Can you put cornflour in your Cottage Pie, Stew or Stir Fry?* (Plus I get the […]

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STOP exercising so much!

  Here I’m going to share with you some of my top tips to help you FINALLY lose weight and keep it off. And none of those weekly weigh-in meetings, where you starve yourself all day, wear the same outfit to weigh then call into the chippy and grab a bottle and a share bag […]

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ME That’s the one word I heard at least 7 times yesterday. Before that though ….did you see the Live Workout we did on Thursday with some of the girls? Well I was already impressed with them a) for turning up and doing it, even though I know they were all nervous. b) because I […]

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RULED by the scales?

OBSESSED? So many are. No matter what other results you may achieve that indicate success, The scales TRUMPS THEM ALL. One week you do great, the next….when you work REALLY HARD, nothing. Maybe even put on. Great, what’s the point…..Where’s the pic ‘n’ mix! ^^^ Thought or done that? Stay STUCK in the viscous dieting […]

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BREAD…on a DIET???

YES!!! The only thin I don’t agree with in my headline there is the D word DIET Don’t go on one. Change your eating and lifestyle forever. Diet just screams ‘short term plan’, and when you go on a short term plan, you get short term results. Great in the beginning. Then your party or […]

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Have YOU got the X factor?

BEWARE In a mo, I’m gonna mention Christmas. But before that… …I agree its a bit early, but I shall explain. Today I’ve been busy with the groups. The 7 day detox group has come to an end and is closing – Well done Sarah 5lbs down, Anita 4.5 lbs down, Chanel 6.5lbs down (and […]

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A few things I don’t care about

Your past. Today DO NOT be the person you have been in the past. I don’t really care about your past. How many things you’ve screwed up on. How much money you’ve wasted on diet stuff. How many times you’ve quit How many times you’ve watched others, wished you were like it and didn’t do […]

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Confession and Declaration

Cookies Scotch Eggs (OMG these have been my #1) Crisps Toast Yep….All over them (they are awesome mind) And yeeeessss…I know…. Tara you’re pregnant. Of course, but I can’t go using the pregnancy excuse to eat crap when I know I could make a better choice and still enjoy it. I know I’m still going […]

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My Baby Reveal News

I literally must have said ‘I can’t believe it’ thousands of times yesterday. WE’RE HAVING A BOY! When I first saw the little piece of paper with a little kiss next to it, I was in shock. Boy x OMG Proper face in hands I CAN’T BELIEVE IT Little Tear I CAN’T BELIEVE IT Hugs […]

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You doing the Quickie, Long or Half n Half?

Keeping Your Pelvic Floor In Check? You’ve heard of Kegel exercises yeah? Uh, maybe? How about your pelvic floor? Ah – ha, you’re with me now! Well, the pelvic floor muscles are what your Kegel exercises work. Kegel exercises are simple clench and release exercises performed to strengthen a woman’s pelvic floor muscles. They’re important […]

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