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When was the last time you asked for help? I’ve definitely been one of those non-askers in the past. Had the mindset of ‘If you want a job done, do it yourself’ Otherwise I’d just be thinking Would the job get done quick enough Would it be good enough Would it be done right. But […]

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Chocolate Blueberry Crunch Smoothie

FIRST: DID YOU JOIN FOR £10???? Today is your last chance. Just saying Tomorrow….too late. Then in 21 days time when you have NOT got nearer to your goals, remember the lesson from not taking action NOW When you take action, you get results. When you do NOTHING…..that’s what you get. Then you watch how […]

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21 day programme for only £10

Up for it??? Well……you can have it at this INCREDIBLE price TODAY if you’re up for a little mission. I’ve got some new recipes I’ve been creating and I’ve got an exciting meeting later next week, which, if it all goes really well. I.CAN’T.WAIT.TO.SHARE.IT.WITH,YOU So Because I’m a little bit excited, I’m being a little […]

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Reckon you could lose a stone?

MORRRRRRNING Or evening where I am right now. Just about to tuck myself up to bed and get ready for the LIVE workout at 6:30pm from my hotel here in Las Vegas but before I do I wanted to share some fab news with you. Reckon you could lose 1 stone in 21 days? Well….it’s […]

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Don’t believe me?

“Tar, How can you have fish & chips and ice cream on a detox? I’m tempted to try the detox week but I don’t get it. Any chance of the recipe. lol” ^^^^ Inbox I had after posting the email this morning. Erm…this is how… Fish (Piccy above) CHIPS ^^^^^^ Or fries as I’ve called […]

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My Vegas Addiction

I’ve had one daily Burger & Fries…Supersized?!?! Nope These juices. They taste absolutely AMAZEBALLS So, I’m out here for a week for my friends birthday and so far it’s been awesome sunbathing, sightseeing (mindblowing) and shopping. In the hotel I’m at (Cosmopolitan) they have this awesome juice bar with smoothies, breakfast bowls and all incredible […]

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Is your STRESS making you FAT?

How much are you looking out for the balance in your life? We’re all on a mission to look better, feel better, lose weight feel sexier and confident. We focus on nutrition and working OUT… but when do you actually plan actual WORKING ‘IN’?? We were chatting about stress and it’s effect on weight loss […]

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TTFN :-)

Yep I’m off. So excited, as I’m off to Vegas for a week with my friends. Woo Hoo But am I packed yet? Nope. Always blinking last minute. I try to cram in so much stuff before I go, that packing is last on the list of things to do. Then I’m stressing, Panicking Throwing […]

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