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You’re in!!

It’s gonna be a stormer over the next 3 weeks (imagine losing 13lbs like Emma didi last month!!) Some strong playing TARAnsformers are joining in with the 21 day programme. I’m loving how many have continued from the Detox Week….they’re loved it so much and know it’s a no brainer to be in on the […]

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Top food to eat in a restaurant

Here’s a few messages I had yesterday Q. “Tar, when’s your next 21 starting?” A. This weekend. The group is opening, loads of the team are already introducing themselves and you could be in there too doing the same. Join the group HERE Then Q. “Tar, what’s best to eat in a restaurant Gammon or […]

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Fancy Lunch? xx

What you having today? Well…These TARAnsformer WrapStars just keep getting better and better. They have to be up there as the #1 fave amongst the TARAnsformers in my groups. You can invent almost ANY flavour. Sweet or Savoury Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner / Snack Actual Food Superhero’s and after eating one… You feel like […]

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I can’t be bothered today

Hot Smoked Salmon on a bed of Creamy Pesto Noodles with Toasted Pine Nuts Fancy it? It was DELISH and literally took 5MINS TO MAKE ….and probably 5 mins to eat too. Food like this is INCREDIBLE. It took no time at all to make, so even on those days where you’re like “I can’t […]

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They’ve lost MORE between them. This super couple have now lost 49lbs since joining my Life TARAnsformer Programme. The 12 week journey has been completed BUT it didn’t stop there. They’ve learned to change their lives FOREVER. NOT the short term quick fix NOT the starvation plan NOT the Yo-Yo Guilt programme. Is this your […]

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The Naked Truth

“Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!!!!! In the last few weeks you have literally changed my entire life for the better!!!! I can’t imagine ever going back to the way l lived before!!! I’m feeling fitter healthier and more alive xxx I am so glad I watched that livecast and had the guts to get […]

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15 week challenge….2 stone goal

It wasn’t easy But she did it!! Emma Heaven set her eyes on a prize. She had a holiday to Jamaica booked. She wanted to feel awesome, body confident and more toned. At Christmas Emma over indulged….. a little too much. In the New Year, she set herself  a target. 2 stone off ready for […]

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My Holiday Nightmare

It happens to us all. That feeling when you get back and you get that feeling of dread about the weight you may have put on. I’ve just come back from Cape Verde Have you been there? It’s sooooooo lovely! A whole week of chilling out and recharging the batteries. (Even though the journey back […]

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Did you mean to message me?

How many times do you think I’ve received in my inbox this message? ‘Tar, I’ve been meaning to message you for ages” But until now, none of them have…. I hear it time and time again.. So have you been meaning to message me to see what I could do to HELP you? Advise you […]

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