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12 minute fat burning body-sculpting workouts

People often ask me 'Tar, how do you manage to stay in such great shape and remain so positive. What's your secret?'

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You see, I simply don't have the time to spend hours in the gym doing long boring workouts. Just like you, I lead a busy life and I want great results and I want them FAST.

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"I feel so motivated since I’ve been doing the workouts, as I love the results"

"I seriously didn't realise how intensely you could work your body in just 12 minutes and what AMAZING results you could get!I bought Tara's 1st DVD as soon as it was released and absolutely loved the results I was seeing.

When the 2nd DVD was being made I was soooo excited and couldn't wait to see some of the new routines that Tara had put together.... and I must say I was not disappointed,The workouts are amazing and as they are only 12 minutes long it's easy to fit into the day.

I seriously didn't realise how intensely you could work your body in just 12 minutes and what amazing results you could get.

One of the great things about the workouts is that there are different intensity levels so it's suitable for everyone. What I love about the DVD is that the exercises themselves are simple but they really give your body a great workout. I thought that the workouts would get easier the fitter I got but I've found that instead I push myself more so as I’m able to do more...it's great.

I feel so motivated since I’ve been doing the workouts, as I love the results that I am seeing. I've noticed that my fitness has improved massively, my stamina with the workouts is amazing and my whole body shape is changing as I’m getting toned all over.

I now look forward to my morning routine and feel sad if I miss my morning workout."

- Charlie Black

"Quick but working every part of my body."

"You would never think that 12 mins would make such a difference…I am seeing changes in my body all the time.I love the new DVD.

It’s totally different from the first one.I love how there’s a hard version and lighter version of each exercise. Being a TARAnsformer has changed my lifestyle for good. Although I have a personal trainer twice per week now. I do the DVD workouts 5/6 times per week. You would never think that 12 mins would make such a difference.

I love that they are quick but working every part of my body.

I feel amazing after I’ve done my DVD.Tara has taught me how to eat clean with amazing meals and what’s more. I am seeing changes in my body all the timeand it’s amazing. Tara has taught me how to be accountable and in control.

My friend has bought the DVD too as I’ve told her how good it is!

Tara…you’re amazing and I love your videos, and posts. They inspire me everyday to carry on my journey."

- Hazel Angus