My 12 days of gifts for you! - Tara Hammett

My 12 days of gifts for you!


I’m completely caught up in the Christmas spirit. My excitement is more than ever now I’ve got Danny.

Which is why I’ve decided to put together a few of my favourite things, and

I’m giving them away for free…12 days in a row.

Here’s a sneak peek of some of the healthy goodies I’m giving away:

  • Some of my best 12min HIIT Workout videos
  • A selection of recipes so you can eat delicious comfort food that helps you with your fat burning
  • Tips to help you enjoy your treats and still lose weight & stay healthy
  • Habits that can help you stay motivated each day
  • … plus much more.

You’ll be able to enter 2018 with confidence that you’re going to have an epic start and feel happier and healthier than ever!

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All the fun is starting this Monday

Ho Ho Ho

Tara xxxx

  • December 9, 2017