Tara, you’re not normal!

5 Aug

Tara's Crazy

Hmmm…that headline may be 100% correct in some aspects, but very often when I’m talking about nutrition (which is a lot), many times I’ve had the ‘you’re not normal’ response.

“Tara, what do you eat?”

And it’s from there that it begins…..

So what is normal nutrition?

Real food – Simple!

Many people have been moulded into the routine of believing that ‘normal’ looks a bit like this:

Breakfast: Packaged cereal….if anything!

Lunch: whatever I grab…If I’m good a shop bought salad and diet coke. If not, some sort or sandwich, pastry, coffee, crisp, chocolate….if anything!

Dinner: Something quick, probably out of a pack or picked up on the way home.

Oh and if you’ve been good in the day ‘dieting’ and restricting yourself, you may convince yourself that you deserve that glass of wine and a little treat.

Welcome to ‘Normal’

Basically, much of the food you may have eaten during the day could have an ingredients list as long as your arm and you can’t even pronounce half of it.

Try saying ‘I’ve just had a glass of Carbonated water, colour (caramel E150d), sweeteners (aspartame, acesulfame-K), flavourings (including caffeine), phosphoric acid, citric acid and a source of phenylalanine!! (You can probably guess what it is)

I’d rather a glass of water thanks!

So when I say that for breakfast I may have some eggs, with some green veg and a side of blueberries, people think I’m crazy.

“Vegetables for breakfast!!!!” :-O

Crazy is thinking that eating a bowl of processed flakes, loaded with sugar and so totally non-nutritional that vitamins have to be added to it, yet they think this is doing good!

“Yeah but it’s quick and easy!”

So, it’s at this point that I respond with a challenge. Want to race me?

You go with the cardboard, packaged cereal and I’ll make a bowl of berries, nuts & greek yoghurt.

The results would go a bit like this…

Time: We’re even

Look: Tara wins

Taste: Tara defo wins

Nutrition: Tara wins

Energy: Tara feels amazeballs, challenger slumps later and needs another sugar burst.

You get the picture.

If you want to feel energised, be healthy and live a more positive lifestyle, start with your nutrition and get out of the processed eating lifestyle. Meal times are when we should be feeding our body with goodness, not following the routine that big food brands what us to follow with their sugar loaded, cheap, packaged food stuff.

Change your way of thinking about meals and start to experiment with more variety.  TARAnsformers love trying new foods and being given new ideas. Just check out some of the meal pics on my facebook page and instagram for inspiration.

So make a break from the fat storing, high sugar, high starch junk and turn yourself into an energised, fat burning machine!

If you want more tips on meal ideas, please do get in touch.

Keep fit & fab!


p.s I’d love you to join me in not normal, crazy land! It’s much better to be ridiculous and awesome than a bit boring! ;-)

You want to, but you want to know more!

26 Jul 20130726-074416.jpg


So my final TARAnsformation BB21 Programme is kicking off on Monday 5th August and I’m so excited to help get a whole new team of people melting fat, changing body shape, boosting confidence and having fun all the way!

The results in the last programme were incredible and I love reading the lovely messages from the TARAnsformers about how good they feel and thanking me & the rest of the group for helping them change their lifestyle.

It’s always daunting taking on a challenge and wondering if it’s for you and I’ve had many questions about the programme before so I thought I’d share with you the most common questions I get as you may be thinking the same right now

How much exercise will I be expected to do?

Each day you will get a 12 minute full body home workout video plus 1 minute bonus workouts. You can do them in your own time at home (or take your smartphone / tablet and be the HIIT envy of the others in the gym. Working out has never been so quick and convenient.

Do you meet up for classes?

No, the programme is all online and I am with you every day in the private support group. So TARAnsformers from all over the world can join in.

When does the programme start?

Registration is open now and we all start together on Monday 5th August. You’ll receive your membership details on the Friday before so you can look around the site, make friends with the others who have joined the team and get prepped and ready to take it on together on Monday. We’ll do the whole journey from day 1 to 21 together for maximum support and team work.

How does the programme work?

Once you’ve joined up, you’ll get your unique membership details. Each day of the programme you’ll do a quick, but effective full body transforming workout. We all record our results so we can see how much we’ve improved as the weeks go by.

You’ll eat delicious meals, either by following the weekly meal plan or getting creative with your own inspirations and we’ll all share our meals in the private group. Taking photos along the way to encourage the rest of the team.

You can ask me and the rest of the team any questions along the way as I am there with you ensuring you’re getting the best information about how to live a healthier lifestyle. You’ll also get access to my VLOGs with even more info on hot topics such as how to stay motivated and why you should eat certain foods.

I’m a fussy eater, what if I don’t like the meals?

That’s no problem at all. There’s a guide on what you should and what you shouldn’t eat, so you can create any meal you fancy as long as the ingredients are clean and whole foods that are recommended. It’s always fab seeing new meals being inspired by TARAnsformers.

Do I need to buy anything specific?

There are some kitchen items that you may not already have such as coconut oil (this should become a cupboard regular!), whey protein (not essential – for example I have pancake ideas with and without whey as an ingredient), chia seeds, milled flaxseeds, coconut flour, However; there any very many more meals that you can choose from. Also, some of the workouts include dumbbells as lifting weights is one of the best things to do for burning fat, increasing metabolism and changing body shape. Well worth investing in a pair that are at least 5kg each. We want awesome bodies forever right!

I’ve tried diets before and failed, I’m scared I won’t have the willpower!

Many have tried the latest trend, joined a diet club and thrown in the towel after a few days. It’s not surprising when many ‘diets’ or plans are unrealistic and require you to stop eating real food, taking ‘magic’ pills or exercise endlessly. Boring, tiring and certainly not a lifestyle or plan that’s going to get you the results you want. The TARAnsformation programme will teach you the best and quickest way to exercise which fits into a busy lifestyle. You will eat real food that tastes amazing and the whole family will love it PLUS we will all be together every single day, encouraging each other in those tough times, congratulating each other on the fantastic achievements and keeping willpower to the maximum so you can feel confident that you will reach your goals within the programme and maintain them as your lifestyle.

You’ve seen the fantastic results that this programme can help you achieve and hopefully that little Q&A will help you to decide if you’re ready to become a TARAnsformer.

Let’s get fit & fab together,


p.s if you have any questions please get in touch!


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