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My Holiday Nightmare
It happens to us all. That feeling when you get back and you get that feeling of dread about the[...]
Did you mean to message me?
How many times do you think I've received in my inbox this message? 'Tar, I've been meaning to message you[...]
My way is not SAFE!!
If you want to change your lifestyle and do it the TARAnsformer wayWARNING It is NOT SAFE It is about[...]
The NOW O’Clock club
If you've been waiting for the right time to get started IT'S NOW Not tomorrow Not Next Monday Not Next[...]
RE: Your Email Yesterday
Hey I had loads of emails yesterday asking about my inner circle program after sharing the link and saying you[...]
You. Are. A. Failure
We all fail sometimes. And that’s okay. Because failure is part of life. There’s one BIG reason why most of[...]
Don’t miss me!
I'm sending this nice and early hoping that you'll be up in time. I'm live on Facebook at 7am with[...]
THIS.COUPLE.LOST.45LBS!!! I knew last night was going to be a special moment. I'm going to go quickly back to my[...]
Do you wear your gym kit out?
Is it acceptable? Well...OBVO, I think you can do it. All the high street stores are doing their own versions[...]
The BEST way to burn off CAKE
Don't resist celebratory cake, have a slice! Did you see the INCREDIBLE creation I had made for my other Half? It[...]
My day in food…
Have you ever wanted to know what type of food I eat? What a typical day can look like? Well....Saturday's[...]
I'm giving you this amazing recipe as a weekend treat. Low Carb-onara INGREDIENTS: 500g spiralised courgette 2 shallots (thinly sliced)[...]
Wishes NEVER get granted…
..well some do, I had one granted recently. But wishing for that dream body won't work unless you have a[...]
Did I miss you last night?
Last night we had a Live Webinar (Don't worry TARAnsformers, If you missed it I recorded it and it will[...]
A HUGE Thank You….30lbs later ;-) xx
  ^^ Thats Laura & Dan with me just after my seminar in January. That moment changed their lives. 12[...]
The LAW of Weight Loss
Have you seen The Jungle Book yet? OMG I went to see it yesterday IT IS AH MAZE ING Anyway...whilst[...]
[Video] When you ASK, you GET
"I've just read your email which says what you get in the 21 day programme, but I'm rubbish at technology[...]
BONUS DAY BONUS DAY Have you got a holiday booked? I have - YAY! Have you got a party or[...]
*WARNING* This WILL happen to you
 A brand new wardrobe  But what have you got in yours right now? A pair of skinny jeans you can't[...]
That MOUTH WATERING Burger Recipe
Ready for the recipe?? You could make a load of these to help you stay on track this weekend. Today[...]