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How To STOP Giving Up On Yourself And STARTING Again Every Monday With Your Weight Loss Mission?

Why do you do it?
Realised you can't find the motivation to do it? We can all feel like that most of the time yeah.[...]
Still waiting?
I AM! tick follows tock follows tick follows tock........ I feel like I'm living in groundhog day. Waiting and waiting[...]
Emma. WOW. 35lbs lighter. 27inches smaller!
Look at that incredible smile in the middle photo!! Again, I'm taking the opportunity to celebrate the success stories of[...]
How Sarah Lost 53lbs and 50inches
WOW WOW WOW and this all started with one little step and one little week with me and now look!![...]
Yes…I KNOW!!
There's always someone out there trying to be a  clever clogs. I posted the other day about the Detox programme[...]
Would you be this sneaky?
Check out this snazzy little way of sneaking more veggies into yours or your family's day without even noticing they're[...]
What a way to start 2017!!
Totally love that piccy BTW!! Love this which Sarah Waters did. Throughout December the TARANSFORMER Party SOS team stuck together[...]
And my latest news….
  My latest news is... so far there is no news really. I've been in downtime, chillout, relaxation mode. I[...]
Christmas Cookie Recipe: MMmmm
Biscuits for Brekkie with a cup of Tea GUILT FREE! That is what I had and I'd encourage you to[...]
My fear of my waters breaking on the stage
Imagine how shocked everyone would be OMG, I actually was worried about it. Yesterday I was invited as Guest Speaker[...]
XMAS OFFER: For those who are desperate!
I had a few sad messages yesterday morning. The girls in the Party SOS programme were already thinking ahead to[...]
Christmas Offer: ONLY £10
This is ESSENTIAL for right now. The parties have all kicked off. How many have you been to so far? How[...]
Xmas Offers: HALF PRICE
Hellooooo... Are you feeling Christmassy? I'm not. I haven't even thought about putting the decorations and tree up yet. I[...]
Do You Love or Hate Change?
Check out the video above. Quick story: A few years ago when I used to watch GMTV first thing in[...]
Tara – STOP Teasing
Ok Ok....Have a recipe on me then! This Warm Gingerbread Smoothie should help you tick all the boxes for 1)[...]
....AND Lose up to 7lbs & WIN £350 Prize. Warm, Creamy Gingerbread Smoothie - Christmas Flavour just got healthier. Yesterday was[...]
Sorry I was Missing In Action
Baby Deaks was almost here Well....not really, but yesterday I posted in the TARANsformums group that I was having some[...]
When will you stop? or start?
Do you think you'll still be committed to your health when you're 84? I've got this STUNNING client that I[...]
Is this for you ? x
So far 31 have done it.... Joined me and Louise for what is gonna be an amazing finale to the[...]
You Struggling Too?
Hi Tara Just looking for some advice . I'm really really struggling with my diet. I cannot seem to stop[...]