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How To STOP Giving Up On Yourself And STARTING Again Every Monday With Your Weight Loss Mission?

How I lost my baby weight and got my abs back WITHOUT starving myself or spending endless hours in the gym.
Just to get it in first I did NOT eat loads of salads I was NOT in the gym every[...]
Check out my Healthy Pizza & Curly Wurly’s
^^ That healthy pizza and choccy treats isn't part of the Detox Week plan BTW 😉 Just thought I'd share[...]
How did Sarah lose 64lbs & 66inches ??
.....and HOW is she keeping it off? This is the BIGGEST thing to master. Losing weight and losing it forever.[...]
Meet Rhi. Beautiful. Lost 32lbs and she fought her struggles
Life is NOT easy. If only it was hey, but reality is we will all feel hurt, heartache, struggles, hard[...]
How much would you love to lose? I've shared Emma's success before. That was before..... Since joining the latest Life Taransformer programme[...]
Carbs really are my enemy
You feel like that? To scared to eat them because you're told all the time to avoid them, You feel[...]
Life Taransformer Application Open Now
^^ BTW I ate too much of this last night. Here's the thing, you can still eat all the healthy,[...]
Just ignore everything and EAT PIZZA
That's the easiest thing to do. That's what one of the girls has been doing that decided she's had enough[...]
How Teresa Lost 20lbs and 25″
Have you ever written down exactly how much weight you want to lose? Do it: 1) How many pounds? 2)[...]
Why I’m NOT exercising
It's ok for you to NOT exercise too. Hang on....this is a bit different to my usual Monday Morning Motivate[...]
Want to get on the waiting list?
I'm taking applications The Life Taransformer is coming back and I'm ready to build the next group of girls who[...]
The thing we struggle with the most
It's not easy for anyone at any time. After asking yesterday which meal is the toughest one to stay healthy[...]
Which Meal Do You Struggle With The Most?
Here's some quick & easy ideas for you: I was chatting with one of the guys I train yesterday and[...]
Do you like your last 6 months?
How did your New Years Resolution go? We've done 6 months now...what difference have you made? How different is your[...]
Did you have cake like me yesterday?
Serious question.. What did you eat yesterday? Let me know what you had for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, treats, drinks.[...]
What A Nightmare Morning
Yep - I've hated it! I've been 'eating my frog' I HATE doing my accounts. I've got an accountant...but I[...]
Was I talking about you?
I could have been. That's the response I had from quite a few following my last email describing the girls that[...]
I won't mention any names as I wouldn't want to drop my friend in it but we were having a[...]
LOOK how much these girls lost!
It's results day in the groups today and I'v asked the girls to let me know how they've done. Sharlene lost[...]
How Michelle Lost 17lbs…..
WOW - Now she's feeling better than she has in a long time. But it wasn't  like that a few weeks[...]