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The BEST pill to take for weight loss
You can get it from me right now. Yep..."What's the best pill I can take so lose weight?" My answer[...]
FRESH OUT OF THE STUDIO I put my best radio face on and this week you will discover:  - What[...]
WARNING: You may fall for it too
Like Sandra did And Gareth Melanie Claire Kath Polly.... Just a few who just needed that boost to get them[...]
A kick up the a$$
"Spoke with Tara on the phone a few weeks ago and we talked about my 'yo-yo' lifestyle. Realised I needed[...]
This is your LAST CHANCE to join the 21 Day WEIGHT LOSS and FITNESS program. ************************************ Why is this DIFFERENT[...]
#1 Challenge for YOU
I've mentioned many times how you can create RADICAL results with very small steps, every day. Just a little bit[...]
Fancy wasting some money?
Have you ever sat back and ACTUALLY thought how much money you've wasted trying to get the body you want and[...]
...and one more thing today
MY OTT Podcast with Ollie Matthews is out.... Have a listen by clicking on the link   PODCAST LINK SO[...]
Would you eat this?
^^^^^ ABSOLUTELY DELISH! There's MORE for you to see too. This month I want YOU to LOVE everything you eat[...]
Flippin 'Eck
Well I wasn't expecting that!! 2 things actually... Firstly, the webinar I'm doing Sunday evening. I can't believe how many[...]
Looks like it's ON!
LET'S DO THIS!! Following the response from so many yesterday my inbox was filled with many of you wanting to[...]
Fancy a catch up Sunday?
First up... This week's podcast is out now!! BUT The main reason I'm emailing you is about a webinar[...]
How you doing? One month down already - it's crazy. January was a pretty crazy one, with loads going on.[...]
QUICK Your Last Chance to join me
DEtox week is kicking off OFFICIALLY tomorrow... Are you in? Wondering if it's for you? WHAT DO YOU GET... In[...]
LOOK: A Fat Burning Recipe
On Wednesday night, I asked the audience to put their hand up and Stand up if they were ready to[...]
Good News!
There's more on the way! SUCCESS STORIES. The latest Life TARAnsformer 90 day challenge has opened and we're getting ready[...]
My latest Man
Like I said in my Seminar Yes - I do men And couples too! Check out Matt in the photo[...]
My seminar FAIL
  Seminar Thank You The one thing I said I wouldn't do... and I did it. I shot my nerf[...]
I didn't expect this from you
I'm sure many people wouldn't expect it. ME A bit nervy. It's my first seminar tonight and I'm feeling it.[...]
How Gemma got her FASTEST weight loss yet
NO SILLY DIET Gemma is in the Diet Tribe. The 6 week weight loss programme I'm doing with Badger &[...]