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How To STOP Giving Up On Yourself And STARTING Again Every Monday With Your Weight Loss Mission?

She could have lost 63lbs!!
Each day I try to share some inspiration, some words of wisdom and some encouragement to help you do something[...]
The girls that didn’t make it
The Bride Tribe I was talking the other day about my message I sent about Motivation and my friend commented[...]
Naughty Knitters!! LOL
I was creased yesterday! So here's the scene. I'm in the hotel wanting a quite place to catch up with some[...]
I can’t even describe how I feel
Do you find it difficult to put in to words how you really feel about yourself? The past few days[...]
Have you got 10 minutes??
HERE IT GOES!! Last night I called the first group of girls that have applied for the Life Taransformer programme (Before[...]
Eat your choccy whilst watching LIVE at 8PM
HAPPY EASTER Whatever you're up to today I hope it's filled with spending time with the people you care about,[...]
Application Open NOW
It's BACK!! The FIRST one of 2017 THE Guaranteed Results 12 week programme...The Life Taransformer. The programme that helped Sarah Waters[...]
Your habits surprised me
Hey After asking about shopping habits yesterday, it seems the majority actually go to the supermarket opposed to online[...]
Question: How do you shop?
A quick one, as I'm curious How do you do your food shopping? Online Click & Collect Go yourself??? Same[...]
Something BRAND NEW for you
You'd better get a move on today It's starting tomorrow. The 21 day programme with a BRAND NEW video series[...]
Have you got ANY willpower at all?
After posting my progress pics yesterday I had a few messages from girlies looking for some inspiration. Seems a few[...]
Look at my 12 week body
  This is what I look like now. As a comparison over the past 6 weeks I'm feeling pleased with[...]
Hi, Sorry to bother you
  Nothing worse than being bothered. If you don't want to be, but just for the record... It's never a[...]
Rest Day? Not for me!
For many in the TARAnsformer 30 day challenge, that is exactly what today is. A rest from all the jumping.[...]
Final chance to join the group with me
You can do exactly the same as me if you fancy it? I'm ALL IN tomorrow. A week without the[...]
I’m not going to worry about you
Have you seen the movie passengers? We had it on last night. I was starting to fall asleep 1 hour[...]
Is it worth even starting?
EErrrrrrr....the weather! As soon as I feel I can get out and about with my walks, this happens.GAH! It won't[...]
I’m Struggling
Hey, It's been a little while....again. Woah, I didn't realise time could actually go faster than it used to before.[...]
Loving what you’ve been saying
So....THANK YOU!! I'm on Day 4 today, along with so many of you. Today is the day we see if[...]
YIKES! No Facebook!!
  Joining the FREE 30 day challenge? "How can I watch this? I'm not on Facebook!" Ah ha - I[...]