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Reckon you could lose a stone?
MORRRRRRNING Or evening where I am right now. Just about to tuck myself up to bed and get ready for[...]
Don’t believe me?
"Tar, How can you have fish & chips and ice cream on a detox? I'm tempted to try the detox[...]
My Vegas Addiction
I've had one daily Burger & Fries...Supersized?!?! Nope These juices. They taste absolutely AMAZEBALLS So, I'm out here for a[...]
Festival Survival…or any weekend really x
I hear some funny justifications off my clients sometimes. I was catching up with a one-yo-one client the other day[...]
Is your STRESS making you FAT?
How much are you looking out for the balance in your life? We're all on a mission to look better,[...]
TTFN :-)
Yep I'm off. So excited, as I'm off to Vegas for a week with my friends. Woo Hoo But am[...]
*Message to Bethan*- You’re wrong!
"So in 9 weeks I've most definitely TARAnsformed!!! Thank you so much Tara. You've changed my life in so many[...]
How are YOU doing? ================= This morning I've been in my TARAnsformer groups, looking over how everyone has done. Photos[...]
Are you fed up with your results?
Are you a bit disappointed about how you did this last week and wish you'd lost more? I hear this[...]
Sick & Nervous
That was how Claire was feeling Wednesday. Just because I was going to call her for a bit of help[...]
Get on Tara TV with me?
  Sending this now hoping you catch me LIVE on Facebook with another workout for you.Gonna miss it? Don't worry[...]
Do diets work?
The truth NO - Diets DO NOT WORK! During the Life TARAnsformer meeting on Monday, one of the girls mentioned[...]
As promised…here it is xx
🎙 LATEST SHOW OUT NOW 🎙 This week with The Wave we talk: ❓ HOW to work out the[...]
How much weight / inches did you lose last week?
Did you have a loss? Feel a bit more toned this week because you worked hard on yourself? or Are[...]
^^^ Proud That's Charley and her partner Neil. Looking fit & happy. This was just before the Swansea Triathlon yesterday,[...]
Sad News
Image Awww, waking up to the sad news that Muhammad Ali has passed away. I'm sat here at home, watching[...]
Hey :-)
I've got a FREE recipe for you today Do you remember seeing my Tomato & Basil WrapStar filled with chicken[...]
You’re in!!
It's gonna be a stormer over the next 3 weeks (imagine losing 13lbs like Emma didi last month!!) Some strong[...]
Feel a fat pig and not motivated
No names mentioned, but this is just one of the inboxes I received yesterday. "I have to sign up, I[...]
Top food to eat in a restaurant
Here's a few messages I had yesterday Q. "Tar, when's your next 21 starting?" A. This weekend. The group is[...]