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Eat like I'm POSSESSED!
Following yesterday's email amongst the responses I received, I got this one.... " I really feel I have to reply[...]
What is FAILURE to you?
I've been at a few social events the past few days. A lovely Macmillan Coffee morning with the girls, where[...]
Yesterday I was interviewed by the fabulous Eleanor all the way out in Hungary on the live video platform BLAB.[...]
There's ALWAYS something getting in my way
"I can't start your programme yet, because I've got a trip away... ...then a party.... ...then I'm travelling with work...[...]
Your daily SUGAR energy boost
  Need an energy BOOST? Hey, Have you been working on changing your eating habits and having a go at[...]
Tara + BBC TV =
Why Aye Pet Today's email comes to you all the way from Newcastle. Well...It's a lot more further north where[...]
Do you feel like a victim?
I was leaving a class on Saturday and one of the ladies stopped to ask about my holiday and to[...]
Did I stay STRONG or CAVE??
  FRESH Sunday Inspiration HOW YOU FEELING? Ok...clearly I have to start with a massive ********** WALES*********** My Facebook Newsfeed is[...]
[LAST CHANCE] Don't Miss Out On This
This is your LAST CHANCE to join the October 21 Day WEIGHT LOSS and FITNESS program. ************************************ Why is this[...]
[CLOSING] The group of EPIC weight loss
Yesterdays LIVE class was a fun one! I spiced it up and got the TARAnsformers doing an AMRAP (As Many[...]
Is this the EASIEST way to lose 11LBS?
********************************************************* "20 years from now you will be MORE DISAPPOINTED by the things that you didn't do than by the[...]
That feeling when you want to JUMP off the edge
OMG what a feeling being launched from the edge of a cliff in a Welsh slate quarry and flying at 100mph! That's EXACTLY[...]
Would you get up at 5am for this?
  Would you get up at 5am? I just HAD to do this video today as you will NEVER get[...]
I really HOPE you can handle this
I did a presentation last night for the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society (NRAS) and as anyone who does something new[...]
Your FEAR of finding the confidence to do IT!
I feel like I've got so much to say today I don't know where to start! So i've just got[...]
My Chip shop Chips & Ice Cream Binge
Before I tell you how I mopped up my hang over from the most wonderful wedding I was at on[...]
I'm hungover :-( This is my CLEANSE PLAN
WE'RE READY TO START AGAIN!!! Eliminating all those foods & drinks that make us feel JUNK The Brain Fog Can't[...]
JAW DROPPING weight loss
  Gemma's Story If you're one of those OPEN READ WISH DELETE Email readers (say that in the tune of[...]
ROYAL word of warning!!!
I can be a top idiot and need some help sometimes you know. Here's my mini story So.... yesterday I was[...]
The FIRST review is in GULP!
  charley dvd2 So, Charley was the winner. She got the FIRST DVD.... and what did she think? Watch the[...]