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You can thank Alison Bromfield. Just got an inbox from Brommers asking about the 21 day programme and she got[...]
The Best Weight Loss Yet?
UNBELIEVEABLE!! THAT is exactly what you could achieve if you joined me in the Life TARAnsformer programme. Just apply. I'll[...]
Meet 27lbs LIGHTER Rhian
What a difference. Rhian's just completed the 12 week Life TARAnsformer Programme. Here's what she sent to me on the[...]
Baby news ;-)
I said I was revealing my new amazing challenge well.. Check out my profile Tara xxxxxxxxxxxxx P.S More tomorrow[...]
Are you coming
It's all happening on Wednesday 27th July. My FREE Weight Loss Seminar at The Dragon Hotel In Swansea REGISTER HERE [...]
I’m wearing my daughters jeans
Not me obviously That's what Emma said to me when we all met up on Saturday. The Life TARAnsformer 7[...]
** IT’S TODAY **
** YOUR ONLY CHANCE ** To join me this month to kick start your weight loss plan. If you're not[...]
Have you seen this INCREDIBLE weight loss piccy?
What you think  ? Same as me I reckon AH-MAZE-ING Like...seriously amazing! And how has Hazel done it? She started[...]
I’m on Day 3..You?
Last week my veggie intake was RUBBISH. Yep Things like this happen to me too. Not every meal had them[...]
Gonna do this with me every day?
WOWZERS So many of you emailed me back yesterday after I asked the simple questions "Are you still looking to[...]
Are you still looking to get healthier and lose weight? Tara xx[...]
Free LIVE Webinar
Last night I had Nando's at home. DEEEEELISH All homemade, Piri-Piri Chicken Minted Peas and Low Carb Creamy, Cheesy Mash.[...]
**Miss Hammett Reporting For Duty**
Look at them ^^^^^ Yum. But first, my day in school yesterday. Continuing with my Tara Tour of the schools,[...]
Do you need motivating?
Are you finding it really hard to lose weight? me NOW and tell me what you're doing to try?[...]
Could you do it?
Give it all up? Chocolate Cheese Crisps Wine What's you thing you could NEVER give up. say you could[...]
Don’t Screw This One Up!
A video from me today... Have a watch and a listen. Today is the day it could all start to[...]
When was the last time you asked for help? I've definitely been one of those non-askers in the past. Had[...]
Chocolate Blueberry Crunch Smoothie
FIRST: DID YOU JOIN FOR £10???? Today is your last chance. Just saying Tomorrow....too late. Then in 21 days time[...]
21 day programme for only £10
Up for it??? can have it at this INCREDIBLE price TODAY if you're up for a little mission. I've[...]
Frogs for brekkie? Lose 3 stone though……..
Wowzers... This jet lag is a bit of a pain isn't it. Didn't make the gym this morning. Alarm went[...]